$110 West Seattle and Beacon Hill PET puppy and adult dog training classes. Private training “pay it forward” program that benefits people with disabilities.

The Service Dog Academy offers premier puppy, adult dog and service dog training in West Seattle, the Greater Seattle area, on-location throughout King County and via Skype’s video conferencing nationwide.

Read more about our group puppy and adult dog basic and advanced classes and our other dog training options.

Specialized Pet Dog Training

While service dogs are trained to assist disabled persons, the specialized methods used in training these exceptional aid dogs will also make your pet dog an exceptional member of your family and the community.

Whether you just want your dog to come when called, walk on a leash properly, be well behaved in public or stop aggressive behavior, The Service Dog Academy can help you achieve superior results.

Training is Key

If you want the best training for your dog, get the best trainer. The Service Dog Academy prides itself on its advancements in the science of dog training.

Our obedience training is based upon the animal learning theory. The animal learning theory focuses on the underlying motivator that influences your dog’s behavior. Read more about the two quadrants of the animal learning theory.

Owner Mary McNeight is a student of renown veterinarian, animal behaviorist and writer, Dr. Ian Dunbar.

Dr. Dunbar has spent years researching olfactory communication, hierarchical social behavior and aggression in domestic dogs at the University of California in Berkeley’s Psychology Department.  Dr. Dunbar developed the SIRIUS® puppy training method, which incorporates socialization and fun in every class.

The Service Dog Academy also incorporates techniques used in the Clicker dog training method. This is a reward based training system that emphasizes the repetition dogs need to learn and the positive reinforcement they crave. Clicker training is a completely non-violent method that makes training your dog fun for both you and your pet.

The Service Dog Academy is dedicated to teaching the most advanced, humane and pet/owner friendly dog training methods available. Our advanced training methods ensures that we reach our goal of not just training your pet but strengthening the bond between you and your best four-legged friend.

Loved the family like feeling! Great people. We enjoyed the
socialization aspect of the class for both me and Titan.
Thank you for giving Titan so much
love and help
. Tamarie – Seattle

We offer group classes, private dog training, on location or home sessions and video conference training throughout the U.S. Our prices are affordable and competitive with non-service dog facilities.

Helping the Community

As an added bonus, your dog obedience training business allows us to continue our heartfelt work of training service dogs for the disabled in our community.

Unfortunately, there is no funding available to help our disabled neighbors train the dogs they so desperately need to live safely in their homes and do things that most of us take for granted such as going to the grocery store.

A portion of your dog’s training fees go directly to paying it forward by reducing fees to train service dogs owned by people with disabilities.

Select the best  training option for you and your dog now and contact us or sign up online.