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Service Dog Academy: Making News Again


The Service Dog Academy has a unique program allowing people to train the dogs they already own for service work. We have been recognized by the mainstream media for both our private in home training and class room dog training on numerous occasions.

Service Dog Academy: Making News Again2012-10-14T13:22:41-07:00

Adult Dog Training – 10 Professional Trainer Tips


Has your adult dog regressed to its terrible two's? Behavior we accept in puppies such as destructive chewing, potty training accidents and separation anxiety become serious problems when our adolescence or adult dog continues or re-starts such behavior. Getting Your Attention Your adult dog's bad behavior could be boredom, depressed, loneliness or just an attempt to get your attention.  Before your attention turns to hostile discipline or you consider a permanent separation from your best animal friend, realize that just like humans our pets suffer from emotional problems too. In his own way, your dog is telling you he needs help. [...]

Adult Dog Training – 10 Professional Trainer Tips2012-10-14T13:23:42-07:00
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