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Our Beloved Service Dog Jasper Will Be So Missed


Jasper "jazzy pants" "j dog" McNeight survived 13.5 years. He was peacefully put to sleep at 5:00pm on November 16th 2010. He was a very, very, very good dog. He was lucky enough to touch thousands of lives through his daily work as my service dog and his travels to at least 12 states. His legacy will live on through the works of Service Dog Academy. You can view more about Jasper's inspirational life by watching the Evening Magazine Feature Story done on him linked from the Service Dog Academys staff webpage. Or you can view his youtube dedication below.

Our Beloved Service Dog Jasper Will Be So Missed2012-11-07T18:28:04-08:00

Best Dog Food Puzzle: The Kongsicle


See how you can get a FREE Kong Extreme like the one featured in this video by scheduling your first training appointment today! Stop your dog's anxiety, depression and disruptive boredom with the best dog food puzzle toy recipe: the frozen Kongsicle. Kongs are nontoxic, highly durable and all natural rubber food puzzle toys. This food toy will revive the hunter in your dog and the Kongsicle will soon be your pet's favorite treat. Our pets have not gotten past the hunt, chase and gnaw stage of their evolution. When their basic instincts are denied, they reward us with constant barking, [...]

Best Dog Food Puzzle: The Kongsicle2012-01-05T07:15:14-08:00
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