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Can My Child Take Their Medical Alert Dog To School With Them?

Amelia from Cincinnati Ohio has our question of the week.  Amelia’s daughter had POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a form of dysautonomia.  She wants to train her own medical alert service dog for dysautonomia and wants to know if she does, will her dog legally be able to go to school with her young child.  Amelia doesn’t know what big can of worms she just opened up by asking this simple question.  See what our answer is in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday video.

So what do you think of our answer?   Do you think that parents should have to prepare for a legal battle in order to be able to bring a service dog into school, a right that is guaranteed them by the Americans With Disabilities Act?


Matilda is a trained POTS alert dog. She is a Labradoodle from our first Imprinted Puppy Puppy Litter. Find out how you can get a puppy like her to train for your child.