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Airplane Travel in 2022 is a Verified Nightmare

Arlines literally canceled THOUSANDS of flights over Memorial Day Weekend 2022.  With airlines canceling even more on a daily basis, how can you make sure your trip with your service dog is as successful as possible with this new world of consistent flight irregularities?  Good question, here are some tips and tricks we recommend our students follow when traveling with a service dog:

  • Pack at least THREE days worth of your dogs food in your carry on.  Yup, that’s right, you might get stranded at the airport for days and you do not want to run out of your dogs food when you don’t have access to easy transportation to get you to a pet food store.
  • Make sure you have AS MUCH DOCUMENTATION AS POSSIBLE that you dog has had training and is a service dog. This includes training records, shot records, doctor records and even videographic proof of your dogs performing tasks. We just had one of our students report that her dog was labeled a “cat” in an airlines system on purpose to prevent the dog from being able to fly. This is why we choose to work with STEREOTYPICAL breeds and make sure your airline has as much info as possible to prove your dog is what you say it is.
  • Get to the airport 3 hours early. Just trust us. The lines will be insane.
  • Pack you and your dogs supplies in a carry on.  Do not leave it up to the airlines on when to deliver your luggage. Err on the side of you being able to buy supplies at the airport. I guarantee you your airport has 10,000 times as many human products to purchase as it does dog.
  • Ship your dogs food to your location and include an extra 3 days of food when on your flight home. We used to say not to lug dog food around an airport but you need to be sure you have at least 3 days of dog food in your carry on on both your flight there and back.
  • Be nice to ALL the airports attendants.  Maybe even put on a training show while you are waiting in line to check into your flight. Do as many tricks as possible to prove to the staff how trained your dog really is.
  • Be prepared for delays both on and off the tarmac by bringing a rechargeable fan or a fan that uses a usb outlet to keep your dog cool.  Also pack a reusable ice pack for use while on the airplane waiting to taxi and take off.
  • Have a back up plan on how you are going to get to your location if your flight is canceled. Find a rental car and book it without a deposit. Check local Amtrack routes to see if there is an alternate way to travel.
  • Book the EARLIEST flight possible so you can make sure that if its canceled you have more opportunity to get on other flights throughout the work day.
  • Check your flight BEFORE you leave for the airport.
  • Download the Airlines Mobile App so you can rebook as quickly as possible.
  • OUR NUMBER ONE TIP – TAKE OUR FLYING WITH A SERVICE DOG CLASS for over 2 hours of tips and tricks on how to fly with a service dog.


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