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What Breed Of Dog Should I Get To Alert Me To My Medical Condition.

Cooper from Memphis Tennessee has our question of the week.  Cooper has dysautonomia.  He wants to train his own medical alert service dog to alert to his passing out episodes and wants to know what type or breed of dog would be best for this type of job.  What Cooper doesnt know is, in 2012, we wrote a book on the topic about how to find the appropriate candidate for service work and in it we listed some breeds of dogs we recommend working with.  However, times have changed and our opinions on what type of dog we recommend has changed too. See what our controversial answer is based on our PERSONAL experience after living in different areas of the country with stereotypical and non stereotypical types of service dogs in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday video.

So what do you think of our answer?   Did you ever think you would have to take big companies’ opinion’s into consideration about what type of service dog to get?


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