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2 Ways Inexperienced “Trainers” Are Ruining Your Service Puppy In Training

I get it.  Training your own service dog seems expensive right?  Money for classes, money for the dog, money for the supplies, money for this and money for that.  But what you NEVER want to skimp money on if your service dog trainer, and yes that even means the trainer that is going to train your dog for basic obedience.  What you may not know is that the entire service dog training industry (and pet dog training industry) is not regulated WHAT SO EVER.


Unfortunately a 4 year old child could open up a service dog training business and have as much legitimacy at training service dogs as someone like me, who has spoken at 6000+ member dog trainer conferences, won two national dog trainer awards, has personally had a service dog since 2005, trained over 150 medical alert dogs, spent $30,000 on education and taught over 250 dog training classes. That level of experience and education comes with a cost and the phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than in the service dog and pet dog training world.  Did you know that the only education you need at those big chain pet dog stores to become a dog trainer is TWO weeks of education.  TWO weeks of education to teach a wild animal with WEAPONS that can easily rip and tear flesh in its mouth to never use its weapons on the loud, obnoxious and unpredictable public.  Would you trust a person with two weeks worth of education to educate you child in neurosurgery?  Obviously not.  Do not use an inexperienced, uneducated trainer for your service dog, even for basic puppy obedience or adult dog training or you will pay with your life. See 2 of the hundreds of ways these “trainers” can ruin your service puppy in training by watching this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday video.

If you want to prevent the problems associated with inexperienced trainers trying to teach your dog basic obedience or puppy socialization, enroll in our online Zoom group classes.  It brings me live right into your home to teach you basic puppy obedience and socialization LIVE.  You get to see me, I get to see you, you get to ask questions, I get to help you immediately.  Its an amazing educational tool that is now being utilized by the largest universities on the planet and now by Service Dog Academy.