Zuzu a service dog in training in our west seattle dog training classes. Image copyright Tracy Campion.

Our unique train your own service dog program is making news again! In celebration of National Assistance Dog Week, Tracy Campion a writer for the Examiner decided to write several amazing stories on the uniqueness of our program. Tracy visited our West Seattle service dog training classes and spoke with some of our service dogs in training.

In one of Tracy Campion’s articles Chuck one of our first service dog puppy training clients had this to say about Mary McNeight and The Service Dog Acadmey: “Mary has done a great job with Argus. She’s been teaching me while she teaches Argus, and she’s patient and helpful with my calls and e-mails. She’s been very good about helping me through my problems,”

Our train your own service dog program is so groundbreaking and unique that we have people coming from halfway across the state of Washington just to enroll in our weekly classes. We had a legally blind client who was traveling 4 hours each way to try to train his golden retriever to be his guide dog! He and a number of our other clients decided to forgo the $20,000 price tag and 4 year wait for an already trained service dog and do the work themselves with our program. Our clients end up saving thousands of dollars and get back years of their lives that they would have spent waiting for a trained dog.

Currently we have been featured in a number of media outlets including Evening Magazine, Fox National News Channel, The Seattle Channel, 94.1 KMPS radio station.