Our Beloved Service Dog Jasper Will Be So Missed

//Our Beloved Service Dog Jasper Will Be So Missed

Jasper “jazzy pants” “j dog” McNeight survived 13.5 years. He was peacefully put to sleep at 5:00pm on November 16th 2010. He was a very, very, very good dog. He was lucky enough to touch thousands of lives through his daily work as my service dog and his travels to at least 12 states. His legacy will live on through the works of Service Dog Academy.

You can view more about Jasper’s inspirational life by watching the Evening Magazine Feature Story done on him linked from the Service Dog Academys staff webpage. Or you can view his youtube dedication below.



  1. Karen Cates November 23, 2010 at 1:28 am

    You will be surely miss your Grandma loved you so very much. You made Marys life complete an helped so many others more then you ver knew. My heart is broken to know that i will nver again to be able to pet you, rub your belly or to see your tail wag when you saw me. I am relieved to know that your are no longer in pain and can now get around without pain. You teach all the other dogs, cats and other animals in heaven how to make others happy and love them as much as you loved everyone you can in contact with here and who loved you also. Liame will miss you also to play with and to show him how a good service dog should be. Rest easy now and remember that your grandmother loved you so very much and thank you for being there for my daughter and your mommy Mary. I will see you again some day and will give you all the belly rubs you want.
    Love Always; Grandma Cates

  2. Col. Nathan Green January 7, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    what a wonderful dog. I think God takes all good Dogs to heaven when the die. I known he is happy with God. One day we will see him again they are gifts from Good to bring us joy peace and a lot of happness to use here on the earth. I know because my dog sarges is my very best friend.

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