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This Weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube Video question comes from a Ohio based Narcolepsy Alert Dog Student who attended one of my medical alert dog training classes in Seattle. In class his dog was super dog obsessed (and not in a bad way, just a very excited young dog who wanted to play with the other dogs in the class). Seeing that his dog was overly social, he asked me whether or not he should continue taking his dog to his local dog park. Boy did he get the shock of his life when he heard my very long winded rant on service dogs in dog parks. See what my answer is to this fascinating question in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube Video.

So, what’s your opinion now that you have been educated about what really goes on at dog parks across the country? Do you think its a good idea to take your very expensive, highly trained narcolepsy alert dog or medical alert dog in training to a dog park for ANY reason what so ever? Leave a comment below, Id love to hear your opinion.