So You Want A Dog, Now What?

You have to find a breeder. Who do you choose? Who can you trust? This is your life, or the life of your child on the line, you cannot just pick any dog now can you? With so many medical alert dog scams being in the news its hard to find someone whose sole focus is on doing right by you rather then the company’s pocketbook.

What If You Didn’t Have To Worry About Someone Scamming You?

Service Dog Academy has been training medical alert dogs since 2009 and the owner has been partnered with a service dog since 2005 so we know what you need. Mary McNeight, Service Dog Academy’s owner, has won multiple national awards for her training, has been featured at a 6000+ member training conference as an expert speaker on the topic of service dogs, has helped to train over 150 medical alert dogs across the world and has been featured in media outlets all over the world. There is no one more qualified to raise the puppy that will save your life than Service Dog Academy’s Mary McNeight. Its taken us 8 years to find dogs we think will be successful in helping you meet your goal of the best service dog candidate on the market. Profit motive has never figured into our service quality or ability, no one in the entire medical alert dog industry has ever waited 8 years to raise puppies the right way. Service Dog Academy is distinctly unique.


At 6 days old your puppy will have been handled several times a day by humans and have been introduced to the low blood sugar scent over 20 times. Your puppy will also have early scent introduction to help your puppies nose develop.


Imogene is an incredibly friendly, stably temperamented dog that is highly suited for the stressful life of a service dog. Maternal and Paternal genetics are important because personality traits are almost always passed on to offspring.


Matilda is one Imogene’s sisters. In this photo she is 8 months old and gave several alerts to her owners POTS episodes at an amusement park. Proof positive that our puppies are incredibly smart, adaptable and transition well into service work.

Testimony: With Koira telling that he needed his medication, he dislocated nothing. Zero. Because he never even got the paralysis… It was amazing.


Whats The Difference Between A Service Dog Academy Puppy and A Puppy From A Traditional Breeder?

Unlike most breeders, we didn’t just get any random dog and put them together to make puppies. We chose highly screened dogs. One was from a line of natural blood sugar alerters, the other has successfully fathered several litters of puppies who all went into service dog programs. We screened our dogs for health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, inherited eye conditions and thyroid problems. Our litter has been imprinted from day 2 with low blood sugar scent meaning your dog has a head up on the competition and will be alerting months before other puppies ever even recognize the scent. Our mother and father dogs are incredibly temperamentally sound meaning their offspring will carry their balanced personalities.

Our dogs are super food motivated meaning they will be incredibly easy to motivate during training, making your job thousands of times easier. Because Service Dog Academy owner has been allergic to dogs since 1995, we chose to use a hypoallergenic breed of dog to mate with our female, producing offspring that would be friendly to your allergies and asthma. The puppies are being raised in a household and not in a cold sterile kennel, making them easier to acclimate to your home and lifestyle. Each puppy will be exposed to at least 100 people, preventing the brain damage that is done to most puppies by scrupulous breeders who seclude their puppies from the public until they go home with you. We use the most updated scientific methods to enhance the neurological development of our puppies to ensure you have the best puppy possible. Service Dog Academy puppies are unique, they are exquisitely prepared for a career in service work or to be the best and smartest household pet you have ever had.

Could You Make Due Without A Service Dog Academy Puppy?

Yes. But let me share with you a story. One of my students, who shall remain nameless, did not read my ebook Super Puppy How To Find The Perfect Diabetic Alert Dog Candidate so when she went to get a puppy for her child with severe seizures she was completely unprepared. She came to me with a puppy she had spent zero time researching. It was a beautiful, bright eyed, six week old german shepherd puppy. She looked cute, cuddly and the way a puppy should look. But there were some serious red flags. She kept telling me how this was “meant to be” her child’s service dog because the child had picked out the puppy from the litter, never mind that the breeder had sold it to her way too young at 6 weeks old saying that the mother had “abandoned” it. But in her mind it was still “meant to be.” Despite my misgivings at boarding and training a puppy sold so young I took the dog in as a favor to the mother of this desperately sick child. They made multiple hours long trips over the next week to bond with the dog I was training. The child was in love with this dog, but I as a professional trainer, found red flag after red flag from the second she told me about how it was acting the minute she brought it home. The puppy was ravenously hungry, so much so that it was food aggressive. The puppy never had a stool that was solid and would not gain weight despite my best efforts at feeding it a home made gut calming diet and consistent vet visits and care. It repeatedly got sick while traveling in the car, something that made it impossible to do socialization work with. After 6 days of caring for the dog in an attempt to try to do at least some training in my home with the puppy, I called the mother and had the hard talk with her. She disagreed with my assessment that the dog was too sick to train right now and didnt want to hear my professional recommendations. I refunded all of her training fees and returned the dog to her. She spent weeks in and out of the vets office trying to figure out what was medically wrong with this dog. Now the sick child was bonded with a dog who was also sick and impossible to train given its car sickness. It was costing thousands of dollars in vet bills to keep this puppy alive, hours and hours per week attempting to “train” the puppy and manage its near constant diarrhea. Eventually the owner called me back a month later telling me that despite constant feeding, consistent vet care and many attempts to change the puppies diet, the puppy would not gain weight. It was skin and bones and was not thriving. The decision was eventually made to put the puppy to sleep. Could we have prevented this from happening? Absolutely. As an experienced trainer we know that puppies abandoned by their mother are usually abandoned for a reason. Instead of this breeder recognizing that this puppy needed his care, he decided for profits sake to force it on to the mother of a sick disabled child who wanted to train it for service work. Despicable. This my friends, is the current state of breeding in this world.

Prevent Yourself From Being Scammed By Watching Our FREE 1.5 Hour Class On How To Find A Breeder For Service Work.


There is no better way to prove how stably temperamented a service dog is to take it to a crowded amusement park and let them meet Zombies. Homer, one of Leia’s first puppies, passed with flying colors.

Ok, So Service Dog Academy Really Is Different. Doesnt Different Cost Alot?

According to Google, the average price of a labradoodle is $3000. That’s a labradoodle from a breeder you do not know, raised in a kennel who has never seen a single blade of grass, has been minimally handled by the kennel staff and has never been trained. Now compare the $3000 price tag of the average labradoodle to the $3700* price tag of our puppies . For $3700* you get a puppy from temperamentally sound parents with health screening, fed a diet that is meat based and has optimal nutrition for his growing body and brain, met at least 100 people so that he can love everyone in his career as a service dog, imprinted with low blood sugar scent since day 2 of his life, exposed to novel scent stimuli to boost his scent development, raised with the millitary’s superdog program so his stress response is more even keeled, exposed to sound, sights and smells of a household so he can fit your indoor lifestyle, beginning potty training so you can start taking him places immediately, beginning crate training so he wont fight his time in the crate when he goes home with you, beginning chew toy training so he wont destroy your furniture, beginning obedience training to help him with his first weeks of accompanying you as a service dog in training, fed DHA and coconut oil to boost his brains capacity for learning, handled at least 30 times a day by a human so that he loves human touch and much much more. Not only do you get an exceptional dog, but you if you are getting one of our dogs for service work you are also getting 2 free ebooks with hundreds of pages of puppy raising information and maybe even a couple of FREE online group video conferencing sessions to help you train your dog.

* Subject to Illinois sales taxes of 8.5%

Still Not Sure? Find Out How One Of Our Students Was Sent To Us By God!

Sometimes it’s hard to know if who you see online is who you are really going to be purchasing your dog from.  How do you know we are real?  God sends students to us. Listen to this testimony from one of our most recently labradoodle litters about how a hemiplegic migraine student went from being bed bound to getting her life back. And it all started from a dream God gave her.

So You Want A Service Dog Academy Puppy, How Can You Go About Getting One?

Congrats on making a decision that will change your life for the better! To ensure our puppies are going into households that will take care of them for their lifetime, you will have to apply to get one of our puppies. The initial application is completed online.  You can view the application here.  If you do not submit an application, your deposit will not be accepted. Once you have completed your application you need to send your 100% non refundable* $500 deposit CHECK to:
Service Dog Academy
1632 Lakeview Dr
Waterloo IL 62298

Riva is a F1b Labradoodle and Has Produced F1 Labradoodle Offspring, 6 Girls and 1 Boy

You can currently follow this litter on our Facebook Page. Once we have received your deposit and application, we will update this website with your initials in the queue.  This is the waitlist for the litter from Riva an F1b labradoodle who comes from a line of natural alerters.  She will be mated with a Labrador from a line of natural alerters from a service dog program.  Their puppies are expected to be between 45 and 65 lbs and expected to go home February 2024.  Deposits for the Riva litter are due by November 15th 2023 with fully payment due by January 1st 2024.
First puppy: Mary McNeight
Second puppy:
Third puppy:
Fourth puppy:
Fifth puppy:
Sixth puppy:
Seventh puppy:
Alt 1:
Alt 2:

*Your deposit will only be refunded if we do not have a dog for you.

If you do not pay in full for you puppy you will lose your deposit.

Three Of Riva’s Beautiful Labradoodle Puppies From Her Last Litter

Imogene is a F1 Labradoodle and Will Produce F1b, F2b or F2 Labradoodle Offspring

Once we have received your deposit and application, we will update this website with your initials in the queue.  This is the waitlist for the litter from Imogene an F1 labradoodle who comes from a line of natural alerters.  She will be mated with a poodle or doodle from another line of natural alerters from another service dog program.  Their puppies are expected to be between 50 and 70 lbs and expected to go home around February of 2024.  Deposits for the Imogene litter are due by November 15th 2023 with fully payment due by January 15 2024.
First puppy: Mary McNeight
Second puppy:
Third puppy:
Fourth puppy:
Fifth puppy:
Sixth puppy:
Seventh puppy:
Alt 1:
Alt 2:

*Your deposit will only be refunded if we do not have a dog for you.

If you do not pay in full for you puppy you will lose your deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many puppies are available?

  • It is possible there could be up to 10 puppies.

How big will the puppies be?

  • They will be between 40 and 65 lbs.

Will the puppies need additional training?

  • Yes, yes and yes. You will need to take puppy kindergarten classes, basic obedience classes, public access classes and a task training class specific to your disability. This is in no way a finished dog. Its a puppy who has been given a very solid foundation for service work. You need to do the rest of the job and I can help you through it if you enroll in one of my classes, take one of my video courses or meet me online for personal SKYPE appointments.

When and where can I pick up my puppy?

  • In Waterloo Illinois.  The expected going home date for the Riva litter is February 2023

Can you deliver my puppy to me?

  • No.

Can I choose the sex of my puppy?

  • No. We want to make sure your dog matches your household. Your dog will be chosen for you based on its temperament.

I dont want a service dog.  Can I get one of your puppies as a pet dog?

  • Absolutely. But service dog students will take priority over you. We are saving lives here!

Are the puppies you are selling for pet dogs defective? Why wont all the dogs be able to be service dogs?

  • We are selling some of the puppies as pet dogs because we know some of the puppies will not be cut out for service work. What does that mean you ask? It means that the puppy may not be as food motivated as one of the other pups or may not be as excited by novel stimuli as the others. It doesn’t mean the pet dog candidates wont make excellent pet dogs, it just may they may not cut it in the job equivalent of the neurosurgeons of the dog world.

Are the puppies labeled as pet dogs raised differently?

  • No. They will be raised and trained exactly like the service dog candidates.

Can I only train my puppy for diabetic alert?

  • These puppies will be suitable for any type of service work, including but not limited to narcolepsy alert, migraine alert, afib alert, seizure alert and mobility.

How many puppies are available for service dog homes?

  • There are only 5 puppies available for service homes. Remember, all the previous dogs the male sired for the other service dog group went into service work so if you get a dog labeled as a “pet” choice, it doesnt mean it cant be a service dog!


Bee Gee Imogene’s sister. Bee Gee is stunning with her chocolate coat and silver markings. Like a service dog is supposed to be, she is comfortable in any environment, including large loud playground equipment.