Mary McNeight and her service dog Liame laughing with Dr. Ian Dunbar in one of his Seminars.

The Service Dog Academy is constantly keeping up on the advancements in the science of dog training! In May of 2010 we attend Dr. Ian Dunbar’s (the rock star of dog training) seminar on how to better teach our classes through the use of games. In January of 2010 we attended Clicker Expo in Portland Oregon and learned some great techniques to help us more efficiently train service dogs. Our staff also attended a class on how to train a Diabetic Alert Dogs (see the class photo located below) and the always educational APDT conference during the month of October 2009. We are excited to apply our new skills and techniques to help you accomplish your training goals faster and strengthen the bonds between you and your pup.


October 2009 – Mary McNeight and her service dog Liame on the final day of her Diabetic Alert Dog training class.

Additionally, in the near future our head trainer Mary McNeight will also be pursuing her CPDT distinction, a certified and highly recognized title only given to the most experienced and knowledgeable dog trainers in the United States.


January 2010 – Mary McNeight and her service dog Liame at Clicker Expo.