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Stop your dog’s anxiety, depression and disruptive boredom with the best dog food puzzle toy recipe: the frozen Kongsicle. Kongs are nontoxic, highly durable and all natural rubber food puzzle toys. This food toy will revive the hunter in your dog and the Kongsicle will soon be your pet’s favorite treat.

Our pets have not gotten past the hunt, chase and gnaw stage of their evolution. When their basic instincts are denied, they reward us with constant barking, digging and chewing up furniture.

Kongsicles are easy and quick to make and can release pent up energy in your dog and encourage a natural self-play activity. They help you exercise your dog even when you don’t have the time.

An adult dog waiting patiently for his Kong.

How to Make a Kongsicle

You Will Need

  1. Less than 10 minutes
  2. 2 tablespoons high meat content wet dog food
  3. 1/4 cup dry dog food
  4. 1-2 tablespoons water
  5. Mixing bowl and spoon
  6. Classic or Extreme Kong Dog Toy
  7. Freezer
  • In your mixing bowl, combine the wet and dry dog food.
  • Add the water, which helps with freezing.
  • Tightly pack your Kong with the mixture.
  • Freeze in an upright position overnight.
  • Give your dog his/her Kongsicle and room to play.
  • Relax; your dog is content, fulfilled, healthy and happy.

Kongs are enjoyed by working dogs in police and drug enforcement and the military for training and as a reward.

They are also recommended by veterinarians  and professional dog trainers including the Service Dog Academy for dogs that suffer from depression, mischievous behavior, separation anxiety and boredom.

Kong’s are made in the U.S., of carbon-formula Ultra Flex. They  have an unpredictable bounce that will have your dog chasing and catching this nearly indestructible tasty prey.

You can make a variety of Kongsicles or fill the Kong with tasty treats for hours of entertainment. Chewing Kongs promotes strong jaws, clean teeth and good oral hygiene.

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