Now that we have moved from Seattle to Waterloo Illinois, we have a much more limited access to hotels and transport. However, we are only a 25 minute drive from down town St. Louis Missouri where you will find a large selection of hotels and motels to suit your unique tastes.


There is only one real hotel directly in Waterloo called the Super 8. Its definitely not the Ritz Carlton but its a cheap, completely safe place to stay. You can view the Super 8s web page at

There is a hotel right outside of Waterloo, a 10 minute drive to the training location. The hotel is the Hampton Inn in Columbia Illinois. Its close to food shopping and restaurants. The students who stayed in this hotel seemed to have a more comfortable stay compared to the Super 8. The webpage for the Hampton Inn is

Just FYI, personally I would stay away from any hotel near East St. Louis Illinois (completely different from downtown St. Louis Missouri), its a very very rough neighborhood and (thankfully) no where near Waterloo.

If you like Gambling and are OK with a decent drive every day there are a couple of casino hotels in greater St. Louis but I cannot speak to their quality or safety.


Unfortunately there is not a bus or taxi that will get you anywhere near the training location during class hours. You will need to rent a car.

If you are not driving from your home to our class, it is recommended that you fly in to the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. The airport code is STL.