After July 4th We Will No Longer Run In Person Medical Alert Dog Classes. If You Want To Work 1 on 1 With Mary McNeight, You Will Need To Register Now.

Last Year I Made Less Than $10,000

Last year, in my attempt to help people train their own dogs for service work I personally made from my business, less than $10,000.  I now have $25,000 in credit card debit am driving a 12 year old car and am one problem away from financial ruin.  All so I could help you.  My in person classes in St. Louis have been a complete failure.  With each class brining in on average 2 students every 3 to 4 months, I cannot survive on $2400 every 3 to 4 months, especially when I have over $600 a month in expenses in food and vet care just for the in training dogs in my care.  This year was so bad financially that I wore three layers of clothes to keep the heating bill down during the winter, turned the water heater off until I was ready to use it and started fasting from food as a way to save money.  All so I could continue to help you.  Unless I get support from my students and their friends, I just cant do it anymore.  I have to move to a more sustainable business model.

Each month, we use over $100 in just flea and tick products to keep our dogs safe and healthy.

My last in person class will be the July 4th weekend of 2018.  After that, all classes will be taught in some type of online format to allow students from around the world to access learning at their pace and in their time without the inconvenience of travel.  If you want to take our last in person classes, the Memorial Day class registration has been extended until May 9th.  The July 4th class registration starts immediately.

We will be starting a puppy raising program in our community and are looking for puppy raisers in the St. Louis area.  Please contact us at mary@servicedogacademy.com if you are interested in becoming a medical alert dog puppy raiser.

In addition, we will only be providing in person personalized services to people who purchase puppies from Service Dog Academy to train as their own dogs for medical alert dog training.   If you would like to purchase an imprinted puppy from Service Dog Academy, please see our Imprinted Labradoodle Puppy Page.

If you would like to see us continue in person classes or provide services we do not currently offer, you will need to share our program and resources with your friends and encourage them to donate to our program.  It takes a village to raise a child and a village to raise a service dog.  I can no longer continue to do it alone anymore.  We desperately need your donations to stay alive.  Ive planted a garden to try to grow some of my own food to save on food bills, I no longer have cable nor do I have a home phone service.  Ive made all the cuts I can to keep helping people and it just isnt enough.  I need your help.  Share my free resources.  Donate.  Help me save lives.


Without your support, we will no longer be able to help you train the dogs you already own for medical alert.