Small Dogs, Are They The Best Choice For Training Your Own Diabetes Service Dog At Home?

Marianne from the Bridge of the USS Enterprise D wants to know about getting a dog that is less than 40 lbs as her service dog. Small service dogs for diabetes, seizure, narcolepsy and migraine alert work certainly do have their benefits. Over the life of the dog, they tend to cost less to own just due to their reduced daily food intake, cost less in terms of medical care like x-rays, shots, and anesthesia and travel oh so conveniently. Have you ever tried to place a 80lb labardor retriever in your seats footspace of a 747 passenger airplane? I have and its almost impossible and if it is, its not pretty. But given that they have some significant benefits there are some drawbacks to the utilization of smaller dogs for service work.

In this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube video, I tell you what my opinion is about using small dogs for medical alert work.

So after watching the video, whats your opinion on small dogs being utilized as diabetic alert dogs? Leave a comment below and please share this video with a friend.

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