Night Alerting For Diabetic Alert Dogs – The Holy Grail Of Diabetes Alert Puppy Training

I get it, night time can be especially scary for diabetics. That is why almost 98% of the people who contact me for diabetic or medical alert dog training ask about how they can get their dogs to alert them if their blood sugars drop too low at night. In this Medical Alert Dog Monday video, I give a person from the east coast a tip on how she can help her dog be able to alert at night. And yes, the answer is related to the photo of me day dreaming about a Sleep Number Bed to help me with back pain at night.

Additionally this video has our first live socialization item, my Kitty cat named Lilly. Its important for you to get your puppies around cats when they are small so that the cat can easily tell the dog off if they are bothering them. Dont wait until the dog is bigger than the cat or else!

If you are interested in purchasing the dog bed featured in the video, you can do so on Every bed you purchase through our Amazon link automatically donates a certain percentage of your purchase to our diabetic alert dog training program. The last time we used our credits we purchased ink for our printer to print the diplomas for our classes.