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Proof Of Why You Should Choose An Experienced Medical Alert Service Dog Trainer

Several weeks ago I put out a Medical Alert Dog Monday video where I talked about how important it is to use experienced and educated dog trainers to train your service dog.  I got tons of negative email reactions from it.  Here is the proof in the pudding.  An interaction no inexperienced “dog trainer” would ever think of to train your dog to be calm around, a situation in which your life being threatened.  All I was doing was washing my hands in the restroom and all of a sudden I hear some lady screaming “Get that fucking dog out of here!” at me over and over again.  Our interaction eventually results in my life being threatened.  See why I recommend using an experienced medical alert dog trainer like myself, one who has over 13 years of living day in and day out in the public life with a service dog and have based my training methods on both experience and education.  See what I say in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday video.

So what do you think of our answer?   Do you now think its worth it to use a low-cost, inexperienced, service dog trainer you were thinking of working with?  Do you think they could prepare your dog for scenarios in which the dog to accepts its tail being purposely stepped on by a child, being chased over a mile by an irate person screaming at you or your life being threatened?