Im Gonna Beat Your Ass

//Im Gonna Beat Your Ass


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Proof Of Why You Should Choose An Experienced Medical Alert Service Dog Trainer

Several weeks ago I put out a Medical Alert Dog Monday video where I talked about how important it is to use experienced and educated dog trainers to train your service dog.  I got tons of negative email reactions from it.  Here is the proof in the pudding.  An interaction no inexperienced “dog trainer” would ever think of to train your dog to be calm around, a situation in which your life being threatened.  All I was doing was washing my hands in the restroom and all of a sudden I hear some lady screaming “Get that fucking dog out of here!” at me over and over again.  Our interaction eventually results in my life being threatened.  See why I recommend using an experienced medical alert dog trainer like myself, one who has over 13 years of living day in and day out in the public life with a service dog and have based my training methods on both experience and education.  See what I say in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday video.

So what do you think of our answer?   Do you now think its worth it to use a low-cost, inexperienced, service dog trainer you were thinking of working with?  Do you think they could prepare your dog for scenarios in which the dog to accepts its tail being purposely stepped on by a child, being chased over a mile by an irate person screaming at you or your life being threatened?



  1. Jeanne Grace March 26, 2018 at 5:44 am

    It took 2 years my dog is usually well received, but a lady at Big Lots followed me up and down 4 aisels yelling at me.
    Boo Radley handled it he healed up and kept walking.
    I walked to customer service and they got her off me.
    My next step was going to call 911.
    I use all of the extra side tips Mary gives to all of us in Service Dog Nation.
    They help a lot.
    Many Thanks.

  2. Allen Kaplan March 26, 2018 at 5:50 am

    I applaud you in your demeanor, and interactive skills in a hostile situation. I have 2 Service Animals.. Dogs which are7 y/o (sp.) and 20 m/o (n). They are trained to serve my diabetic needs. However, if they find I am threatened, they will ignore the situation… unless I raise my voice. If I raise my voice, they both immediately go into “guard” mode. They will bark and growl at the offender, but will not move towards them. Should I be touched, or someone reach towards me, they would immediately protect me… and I’d be happy that they did so. Besides being diabetic, I am also physically disbled. I have spoken to LEO’s and they have absolutley no issue with my service animals acting in such a manner. My SA’s are each over 100lbs, and are intimidating in appearance to begin with… and have even had Park Rangers tell me that people are afraid of my SA’s because one of them is big and black. So I asked, the 6’6″ Black Park Ranger, if I was Big & Black (I am 6’2″ @ 300 lbs … and white) would everyone be scared of me too? He just laughed, and drove away. Meanwhile, myu SA’s just lied down as we were talking during this whole interaction. I’ve been followed and screamed at by other people, and never had a reaction from my SA’s. My SA’s just seem to naturally know when I am upset, and/or have low Blood Glucose. With my low BG’s, because I walk alot to prevent diabetic neuropathy in my feet, they will tackle me to the ground, and seek out candy for me to rasie low BG’s. They are perfect… at least for me.

  3. Maruchy Perez March 26, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Wow!!!!!! What a crazy video!!!! That granny was a bitter old witch and you said she had a child with her?? This is what the child is learning!!! How sad:(
    You did the right thing and like I tell my students when their pup is doing unwanted behaviors for attention, ignore!!!!!
    In your case just walk away!! Uneducated people won’t get any attention from me!! My poor dog would ignore that situation because she’s a layed back kind of gal but i’m sure not all dogs who aren’t trained to be in different situations and environment would be so calm!!
    Good luck!!!!

  4. Samson March 26, 2018 at 9:36 am

    I’ve had a few interactions similar to what you described. My background is military intelligence and law enforcement. I am 6 foot four and approximately 300 pounds. The most dramatic incident I had is a mentally ill older black female who lives at the park where I train and exercise my service animal. In the past she used to threaten people with machetes and golf clubs. We met at the park where She was telling young children that she was going to cut their heads off and send them directly to hell. I told her she was no longer allowed to speak to the children that way. She now fixates on ME. I’ve had her arrested for mental evaluation three or four times, but do the overcrowding she’s often released back onto the streets. Recently she changed from threatening people with machetes and golf clubs to threatening people with HER DOG. The day of the incident she sicced her dog on me from approximately 100 feet away and as the dog sprinted towards me I contemplated the different ways to overpower and disable the dog…
    However when the dog was approximately 20 feet away, my service animal sprang from my side and took him down in one movement and held him for approximately 10 seconds. The other dog immediately held still and stayed in place as I called my dog back to my side. I normally do not let my service animal have any dog Nor human aggression… however that was his one get-out of-ail-free-card because I didn’t have the heart to discipline him after he did what he believes he needed to do to protect me.

  5. Robin Wright Denny March 26, 2018 at 7:24 pm


    Thank you for sharing your experience with your followers. It is much appreciated and should prove to be helpful. It is unfortunate that there are individuals who are socially inapt and uneducated. You handled yourself well and I’m sorry that you had to face such an ugly individual. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference in the world!

    Thank you!

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