Traditional Migraines and Hemiplegic Migraine Alert Dogs – Preventing Symptoms With Advanced Warning Of Impending Paralysis and Pain

Gabby from Kansas City Missouri has our Medical Alert Dog Monday Question of the Week. In Gabby’s email she asks: “Hi my name is Gabby and my mom has had migraines for the past 2 years. How would she benefit from having a service dog?”

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Student Testimonial: “If you have not considered a Service Dog because you don’t think it’s possible, think again! Koira started training at 8 weeks old. She was alerting (my son) before she was even potty trained. This program works.”


Good question Gabby! Migraine alert dogs are nothing new to my service dog training program. I actually started training them in 2011 based on my own personal experience with the nasty, life altering consequences of living a life never knowing when your would get struck down by immense stabbing head pain, nausea, vomiting and noise and light sensitivity. Since that first dog in 2011, I have helped personally train 10 migraine alert dog for people with run of the mill ordinary migraines to those with chronic migraines and hemiplegic migraines.

Lets watch the Youtube video below where we can find out the immense benefits of having a dog that is trained to alert you BEFORE a migraine has the opportunity to ruin your day.

So, do you think a migraine alert dog could help you? If so, contact us about our medical alert dog training classes and videos!