Feeding A Medical Alert Dog Human Food As Training Treats

//Feeding A Medical Alert Dog Human Food As Training Treats

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Luke and Leonard learning to ignore human food placed at nose level at the St. Louis Missouri Six Flags Over Mid America.


This Weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube Video question comes from a commenter on the website with the user name KinkyBear. KinkyBear is training her own medical alert dog and wants to know if she can feed her dog human food. KinkyBear didnt say whether or not she was only giving her dog human food during training or if she is scraping her left overs from her meals into her dogs food bowl so in this video so to be as helpful as possible with my free advice I will address both situations. See what this certified professional, award winning dog trainer that now lives in the Midwest near St. Louis Missouri has to say about this question in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday YouTube video!

Have you given your dog human food? Has it resulted in your dog displaying negative behaviors in your household or out in public? If so, what were they?

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