Battle of the Sexes: Male or Female Puppy For Diabetic Alert?

One of the more frequent questions I get from people who want to train their own diabetic alert dog or people who want to purchase a diabetic alert dog is if a male or a female puppy would be a better choice for their specific needs.

This is a controversial question in the service dog training community. You will find trainers who prefer males over females and some that prefer females over males. You will find that some people say you should have a dog that is the opposite sex you are and then others that say that your dog should be the same sex as you.

Im hoping I can clear up this controversial issue in our first Medical Alert Dog Monday Question from Chip in Washington state. He is a diabetic who is going be be getting a goldendoodle puppy. Some people are suggesting he get a female. But knowing how much experience I have having helped over 100 people train their own medical alert dog, he wants to get my opinion.

What do you think my answer to this question is going to be? Watch the video below to find out.

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