Diabetic Alert Puppy In Training – Service Dog Vests, Do They Provide Public Access Rights In Your Community

Joanna from Telluride Colorado has our Medical Alert Dog Monday Question of the Week. In Joanna’s email she asks: “Hi. We are loving your program and our dog is responding really well. Myself (41) and my daughter (11) are both type 1 diabetics. What are the rules about a service dog vest on our puppy in training so she can begin to be socialized in markets and restaurants etc?”

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Student Testimonial: “She has actually alerted my husband several times, including waking him from a sleep due to a high.” Peggy B, Diabetic Alert Dog University Student on just Week 4s online video!


Good question Joanna! This is a question asked of me by EVERYONE who wants to train their own dogs for service work. Its hard to raise and train your own puppy for medical alert work. Most people dont know this but the hardest part of training your own diabetic alert dog is actually not the diabetes alert portion of the training, its actually all of the public access skills your dog needs to have in order to behave like a service dog. This requires exposing your puppy to thousands of people, places and things it could potentially encounter in its entire career in the first five months of the dogs life. Its why we desperately need public access rights for all dogs and puppies training for service work, no matter their obedience or skill level.

Lets watch the Youtube video below where I give Joanna advice on how she can go about socializing her puppy.

So, now that you know the truth about diabetic alert service puppies in training and their socialization and public access rights, what do you think about the state of the current laws? If you were in charge, what would you do differently?

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