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This Weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube Video question comes from Madison from Columbus Ohio. Madison wants to feed her dog a raw meat based diet but is unsure if we allow dogs who eat primarily raw food into our training program. Madison has been doing her homework. She has watched our online videos and read our ebooks and has noticed that our primary method of rewarding our dogs is through the use of kibble and the use of kibble based toys. Madison has a right to be concerned about whether her dog will succeed in any of our programs, be that SKYPE appointments, in person classes or online videos if she feeds her dog a raw diet. See what my answer is to this fascinating question in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube Video.

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We use and recommend two different types of containers for use when training with raw food. The first are 60 ml Nalgene Scientific containers. These containers are small enough to fit in the same hand you hold you clicker in allowing you to use your other hand to lure your dog into positions or give them hand signals (like the top photo of this article). The others are reusable toothpaste squeeze type tubes that backpackers use to hold stuff like peanut butter. They are dishwasher safe and have clips that allow you to adjust the tube to allow for easy dispensing of raw treat dabs or licks from the hole in the bottom of the tube. If you are debating using raw food as your main reward source, go ahead and try it. Its not as yuckie for you as it sounds when you use the right equipment and it has amazing health benefits for your dog.