Seattle Adult Dog Training – For Dogs Over 17 Weeks Of Age – Manners, Obedience and Socialization Class

Video Review Student Testimonial: I travel close to 70 miles to come to class for you… One way.

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Service Dog Academy closed its West Seattle storefront and training studio on December 31st so that we may focus on providing trained medical alert dogs to those in need. If you would like to receive exceptionally high quality, educated and excellent training for your brand new pup, we recommend the Seattle Humane Societies puppy classes. Plus, your money goes to support the Seattle Humane Societies rescue program.


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[/custom_frame_right]The Service Dog Academy is proud to offer dog training classes for our Seattle neighbors through our brand new training studio located just minutes from Beacon Hill, White Center, Sodo, Normandy Park and Downtown Seattle!

By training with us you support disabled students like Diana and her service dog Sami.

Google Review Student Testimonial: This class was impressively effective.

The Basic Pet Adult dog class is for dogs OVER 17 weeks of age and will focus on:

  • basic obedience training – come, sit, stay, down, leave it
  • loose leash walking
  • good dog polite greetings – anti-licking, jumping, ignoring other dogs, shy and scared dogs
  • dog handling – such as bathing, clipping nails, brushing teeth, brushing coat
  • bad dog behavior – solving dog behavioral problems such as whining, chewing, digging, barking
  • impulse control
  • Bonus: puppy dog training with basic service dog training techniques for the best behaved puppy in town!

[message type=”erroneous”]Please note: If your dog is severely reactive to other dogs – deep growling, hackles raised, snarling, snapping, barks aggressively or has bitten or attacked another dog please do not take any of our classes. We will be unable to help you with any of these issues. The Seattle Humane Society has a Reactive Rover class that can help you deal with these issues. Once your dog has learned to calm down around other dogs, you may return to our studio for basic classes.[/message]

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Our Seattle Basic Adult Dog Training Class details are as follows:

  • 4 weeks in length – (to help make sure you have time for the classes we have concentrated the 6 week curriculum into 4 week classes and have expanded the time you are there from 1 hour to 1.25 hours)
  • meets once a week with 4 start dates to choose from!
  • meet for 1.25 hours per week of instructional time
  • meet at our brand new training studio in beautiful West Seattle!
  • will have no more than 5 students per session to ensure more individualized instruction
  • all training to be done using only methods approved by the AHA
  • is only $155!
  • requires basic supplies found on our class supplies page.
  • by enrolling in classes you are agreeing to our class terms and conditions

What are dog training classes like at The Service Dog Academy?

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[message type=”erroneous”]This class is not intended for service dog or therapy dog certification by the Service Dog Academy. This class is mostly for pet dogs but is a perfect intro into the training methods we use for service and therapy dogs.[/message]