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Some people believe “You cant teach an old dog new tricks”. We here at the Service Dog Academy say, “OH YES YOU CAN!”

Facebook Review Student Testimonial: “Take classes with Mary. You may start out taking them for your dog and soon find you are taking them because they are an experience you don’t want to deny yourself.”

Party Tricks – A Fun Way To Practice Obedience In Class

So, you’ve got a dog that will come when called, isn’t dragging you down the street anymore and doesn’t chew up your house. Good for you. Now lets work on the fun stuff, PARTY TRICKS! The reason why we and our students love the party tricks class so much is that it is obedience training hidden within tricks.

    For example:

    • you cant play dead until you have learned how to down and stay
    • you cant go fetch a beer from the fridge until you have learned to fetch, to tug, to drop on command and to come when called
    • you cant learn to shake until you have learned how to sit
    • you cant learn how to ignore treats on your paws until you have learned down, leave it and are comfortable with having your paws touched

The level of laughter that we have in a tricks class is about 10 times that of a typical obedience class. There is also a sense of camaraderie that happens in a tricks class that we have found exists in no other obedience class Ive ever taught or attended. People seems to let go of their inner drill sergeant and just try to have fun with their dogs!

In Advanced Obedience Dog Training Class You Will Use Tricks To Practice Obedience and Manners By Training:

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    • shake
    • bow
    • roll over
    • leave treats on his paws
    • balance treats on his nose
    • play dead
    • give kisses
    • wave
    • which hand has a treat
    • crawl
    • spin
    • beg
    • go to sleep

      Our Party Tricks Seattle Dog Training Class details are as follows:

      • meets once a week for three weeks in a row
      • meet for 1 hour per week of instructional time
      • IS ONLY $90 – WHAT A BARGIN!
      • meet at our new dog training studio in beautiful West Seattle!
      • will have no more than 6 students (and dogs) per session to ensure more individualized instruction
      • all dog training to be done using only methods approved by the AHA
      • by enrolling in classes you are agreeing to our class terms and conditions
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      [message type=”erroneous”]* We will be closed April 7th-April 22nd so that we may teach our 4 Day Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Class in St. Louis Missouri.[/message]

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      [message type=”erroneous”]This class is not intended for service dog or therapy dog certification by the Service Dog Academy. This class is mostly for pet dogs but is a perfect intro into the training methods we use for service and therapy dogs.[/message]