Migraine Alert Dog Training

Don’t Listen To The Advice Of Your Friends


WE ARE COMING BACK TO SEATTLE We will be teaching our medical alert dog class in Seattle April 5th-8th 2018 in Seattle. Registration must be completed by March 1st! Should you ever trust the advice of your friends, family or coworkers when it comes to training a medical alert dog? Marion from Memphis Tennessee has our question of the week.  Marion has migraines and has been told by friends and family that migraine alert dogs are born and not made (meaning that the dogs are born with [...]

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The Evolution of Migraine Alert Dog Training


[custom_frame_center shadow="on"][/custom_frame_center] I personally know what it's like to suffer through a migraine. My migraines can be easily triggered by scents like perfume and cologne. Marshall from Kansas City Missouri has our question of the week. Marshall has had migraines for 6 years. He's done his research about Service Dog Academy and has found out that we have been training migraine alert dogs since 2010. Marshall called our office and I had to give him some bad news about the limitations that our students are having when they train their own migraine alert dog. As one of the premier medical alert [...]

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