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Keeping Your Service Dog Cool in the Summer: Essential Tips for Pet Owners


MEDICAL ALERT DOG CLASSES TAUGHT ONLINE Want to train a medical alert dog but don't want to leave your home or pajamas, check out our online medical alert dog classes taught live over Zoom! 2023 Is Ending Up Being One Of The Hottest Summers On Record, How Can You Keep Your Service Dog Cool In Temps Like This? As the scorching summer temperatures hang around, it's essential to take proactive steps to ensure the well-being of your furry friend. Dogs are susceptible to heat-related illnesses, making it [...]

Keeping Your Service Dog Cool in the Summer: Essential Tips for Pet Owners2023-07-26T02:47:05-07:00

It’s National Service Dog Month – Share Your Service Dog Academy Stories


CHRISTMAS PUPPIES COMING DECEMBER 12th  On August 17 Leia was bred with a service dog from a program in Nebraska . We expect to have imprinted labradoodles ready to go home to our students who need a dog starting December 12th. What Is National Service Dog Month? National Service Dog Month was first established in 2008 by actor and animal advocate Dick Van Patten. It's an entire month dedicated to the powerful bond between service dogs and their owner and for owners to share their stories about [...]

It’s National Service Dog Month – Share Your Service Dog Academy Stories2021-02-08T18:56:32-08:00

Labradoodle Service Puppies On Airplanes


LABRADOODLE PUPPIES TO GO HOME RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Our Imprinted Labradoodle puppies can be trained with your unique scent profile for seizures, pots, afib, diabetes, migraines, narcolepsy and even hypoKPP. Using our proven training methods and brain building exercises your new puppy will alert you much younger than the vast majority of dogs in the US. It's Official, Airplanes Are For Barnyard Animals! Two miniature pigs we encountered waiting to get their picture taken with Santa at a mall in 2014. The Americans With Disabilities Act [...]

Labradoodle Service Puppies On Airplanes2021-02-08T18:51:57-08:00

Will My Service Dog Go To Heaven?


IMPRINTED LABRADODLE PUPPIES AVAILABLE TO GO HOME IN NOVEMBER This labradoodle litter is for you, our students, who want to train their own dogs and part of the litter going into pet dog homes. Not only will we be using a superior puppy raising program to raise your puppies to be confident service dog candidates but also using a new program to teach them some assistance dog tasks prior to going home at 8 weeks! My Service Dog Is A Family Member, Will I See Them Again In Heaven? [...]

Will My Service Dog Go To Heaven?2021-02-08T19:17:20-08:00
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