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Your Dog Prefers to Work for Food. Here’s the Proof!


Work to Eat: The Foundation of our Training If you're familiar with Service Dog Academy's training program, you know we can't express enough how much we love work-to-eat puzzles. For puppies and adult dogs, and even older dog training, Service Dog Academy's work to eat program creates more than just a smarter dog, but a happy one, too! At our Seattle dog training classes, we preach the work-to-eat strategy for many good reasons, but one scientific study found that animals actually prefer to work for their food! In the 1960's Glen Jensen discovered that when given the choice between [...]

Your Dog Prefers to Work for Food. Here’s the Proof!2012-11-05T19:45:00-08:00

Advice on Puppy Manners: Taking Treats Nicely


It's not a Trick, Just Good Puppy Manners: How to Train your Puppy to Take Treats Nicely Do you have "Jaws" in your home? When you reward your puppy or adult dog with kibble, do they tend to bite the fingers attached to it, too? In this video, Maggie, our very special diabetic alert dog in training and Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, BGS show you how to get your puppy to lick your fingers to get to her treats instead of chomping at them. In order to promote the best manners in your puppy, you must feed your puppy kibble by hand, [...]

Advice on Puppy Manners: Taking Treats Nicely2012-10-23T23:03:37-07:00

Pet Puppy Socialization: The Service Dog Way Pt. 2


How do you get a fearless dog? By great socialization training, of course! Socialization is a not only a key component of a well-behaved service dog, it's important for pet dogs, too! In fact, the number one reason dogs end up in shelters is under socialization. Socializing Puppies: The Service Dog Way To show how awesome well-socialized puppies can be, watch how two of our board and train pups, Cooper and Daisy, handle themselves around emergency personnel during a critical stage in their development. Mary McNeight, with the help of fireman Andy from Engine 32, and a bag of treats, proceeded [...]

Pet Puppy Socialization: The Service Dog Way Pt. 22012-10-16T06:40:42-07:00

Liame Recognized as ‘Hero’ by PAWS


Liame and Mary McNeight with the other PAWS award winners. Liame's hard work over the years has paid off! On May 19th, professional positive reinforcement dog trainer Mary McNeight's 4-year old yellow Lab walked the red carpet to receive a plaque for his outstanding service to the community at the annual PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap Spotlight on Community Hero Pets 'Hero Dog Awards!' Liame's very existence fueled Mary's passion for dog training, and inspired the creation of the Service Dog Academy. The all-positive reinforcement pet puppy, pet dog, and service dog training studio has helped more than 525 [...]

Liame Recognized as ‘Hero’ by PAWS2012-09-12T11:37:59-07:00

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


You can teach an old dog new tricks in west seattle dog training school party tricks class. Teach obedience and manners using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Also classes for basic puppy obedience / puppy kindergarten & socialization, adult dog obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and more with the best dog trainer in Puget Sound, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, White Center.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks2012-10-14T13:24:02-07:00

Final Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Flashmob Video


The first ever Positive Dog Training FLASH MOB! Flash Mob: A group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and confuse surrounding people. The group performs these actions for a short amount of time before quickly dispersing. Flash mobs are often organized through email and/or newsgroup postings. (Source: On Sunday January 16, 2001 just after 3:00 pm 14 dog/handler teams came together in the heart of downtown Seattle to form the first ever positive dog training flash mob! We’d seen Michael Jackson tributes and Glee reenactments, but never a dance celebrating the [...]

Final Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Flashmob Video2012-10-02T14:32:05-07:00

Seattle Positively Trained Dog Flash Mob


Join us for the first ever Positive Dog Training FLASH MOB! Organized by Service Dog Academy in association with Sidekick Dog Training & Puget Sound Positive Training to promote APDT’s Train Your Dog Month. FLASH MOB DETAILS Date: Sunday January 16th, 2011 Time: 3:00 pm (please arrive at least 15 minutes early) Location: Westlake Park, Seattle, WA (across from Westlake Center) Who can participate? Any handler with a dog-friendly and people-friendly dog trained using positive reinforcement. To get started: To learn the routine, watch the video at and practice on your own. Detailed written instructions are also provided. The end [...]

Seattle Positively Trained Dog Flash Mob2012-10-14T13:19:27-07:00

How Dogs Learn – Seattle Style


In May, the Service Dog Academy attended a three day dog trainer seminar in Seattle conducted by Dr. Ian Dunbar, renowned veterinarian, animal behaviorist and writer. Seattle is on the cutting-edge of dog training techniques and the Service Dog Academy is leading the pack. The three day event covered all the basics in puppy and adult dog behavior problems as well as specialized training for competition dogs. Regardless of whether you pet is just a beginner or ready for show, the predominant opinion of expert dog trainers, including the Service Dog Academy, is that too many dog owners still respond to [...]

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Fox News Interview


          The Service Dog Academy was recently featured on Fox's National News Channel. Our head trainer was one of the dog teams shown during the program (see the above image) and is the dog trainer Dan Springer is referring to at the end of the story. There was a longer piece that included our head trainer working with a diabetic detection service dog but was cut from the story due to election news. We are excited about this opportunity for media exposure so that we can start helping even more people! If you would like more information [...]

Fox News Interview2012-11-09T10:09:04-08:00

Educational Advancements


Mary McNeight and her service dog Liame laughing with Dr. Ian Dunbar in one of his Seminars. The Service Dog Academy is constantly keeping up on the advancements in the science of dog training! In May of 2010 we attend Dr. Ian Dunbar's (the rock star of dog training) seminar on how to better teach our classes through the use of games. In January of 2010 we attended Clicker Expo in Portland Oregon and learned some great techniques to help us more efficiently train service dogs. Our staff also attended a class on how to train a Diabetic Alert Dogs (see [...]

Educational Advancements2011-10-06T16:09:05-07:00
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