Learn one-on-one with Mary McNeight, CCS, BGS in our dog trainer internship program.

In this apprenticeship in Waterloo Illinois you will be working hands on on a daily basis with both puppy and adult dogs to teach them both public access skills and medical alert dog training tasks. This isnt some book reading, take a test, get a certificate, graduate without having put your hands on a dog educational program. This is a down in the trenches, hands on, intensive, consistent, one-on-one, individual instruction by Mary McNeight on a daily basis, one-of-a-kind educational learning opportunity.

If you think you are too much of a novice to be able to handle this program, think again. This program is designed for the complete beginner. We will teach you how to train these puppies the basics from sit, down and stay to much harder commands like getting help in an emergency, fetching a diabetes testing kit, socializing these puppies to things they will encounter in their daily lives to sitting calmly under your seat in a christian rock concert at a local church. Depending on the timing of your apprenticeship you might also be helping to assist or even instruct parts of my diabetic alert dog classes. You will also be taught how to use cameras for video recording and editing so that you too can use youtube videos to advertise your business.

Are you still interested? Here are the specifics:

  • Start Date: ASAP

  • Internship Length: 60 days

  • Cost: $6000 for 60 day apprenticeship. Non-refundable $1000 deposit in the form of a check due upon enrollment in the internship. Compare this cost to the $1300 4 day intensive class and you can see how amazing this value is. The final balance will be due two weeks before you arrive. There will be no credit card or debit card payments. All payments must be made by check.

  • If you want to learn about creating your own Youtube videos and selling your own training videos, we can help you do this as long as you have access to a newer Apple computer (prefer 27 inch iMac), Final Cut Pro and a DSLR camera capable of recording HD resolution video.

  • Housing: You will have to rent an apartment in the local community. If you cannot find a furnished one, we may be able to help you find used furniture for your unit. Local apartments rent from $350 a month to over $800 depending on how nice of a unit you want.

  • Transport: Waterloo has only one bus with a incredibly small service area. You will not be able to rely on it. You will need your own vehicle, either your personal vehicle or one you have rented

  • Certification: You will get a framable certificate stating that you have passed our rigorous internship program

  • Post Graduation: This educational opportunity does not guarantee employment with any service dog training program but will get you extensive experience and help with starting your own business training service dogs.

Now you know the basics, please contact us ASAP by emailing mary@servicedogacademy.com if you are interested. Please also make sure you read the disclaimer below to be sure this opportunity is for you.