More Praises from our Diabetic Alert Dog Graduates

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It’s always great to hear feedback from our diabetic alert 101 graduates, and when they have a success story to tell, it gives us chills.

Whether you’re looking to positively train for diabetic alert, get an already trained dog through Service Dog Academy, or just train the basics in puppy class using all positive reinforcement, Jeff and Rich have some helpful advice.

Jeff and Rich took their dogs to Service Dog Academy to train with one of the best pet puppy, pet adult dog obedience training programs in Seattle, and then went on to Diabetic Alert Dog 101 to learn how to train these pups to be reliable diabetic alert dogs to manage their serious medical conditions. Jeff was sick of waking up to paramedics standing over him far too often, and was ready for a new approach. Rich was tired of being worried about being alone, and in a life-threatening situation – his body seems to give him absolutely zero warning before a rapid crash.

Jeff took Cooper, then 11-weeks-old through puppy kindergarten at our West Seattle training studio where we teach puppy dog training classes for pet dogs and future diabetic alert dogs! It wasn’t long before Cooper started to pick up on Jeff’s low blood sugar. Now, the father of seven kids can be confident another body can be around to make sure he stays alive.

Violet’s stable temperament during adult dog obedience class proved she would be a good candidate as Rich’s diabetic alert service dog. “Being alone isn’t a problem like it used to be…” Rich recalls, as Violet’s persistence has made sure he checks his blood sugar – even if he feels fine.

See for yourself how effective the positive reinforcement training methods at Service Dog Academy can be. Go to our basic classes page to enroll in basic puppy obedience or basic adult dog today!

If you don’t have a dog yet, but like what you see, we can help you find a dog, and if your interest is piqued by our already trained dog program, click here to see if an already trained dog is right for you, and get on that list before it fills up!


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  1. Rich Sterbenz September 15, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Violet saves the day at Costco.

    A couple of day ago, I was sitting at Costco. I was waiting for Myrna to pick up some items. The table that I was sitting at was close to the check out cashiers. My sugar dropped rapidly and Violet started to poke me. I sat there in a daze, and the next thing I know, is Violet jumping in my lap at Costco. This brought me to awareness. Violet never barks, but she turned around and started barking at the cashiers. A lot of the cashiers are friends with us and they know about Violet. In a matter of seconds, I had juice, candy, and all kinds of stuff to eat. By the time Myrna got to the check out, my sugar started climbing out of danger, and Violet was laying down like normal. Thank you Service Academy. Thank you Mary

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