Mary McNeight, CCS, BGS – Director of Training And Behavior

  • Was a featured speaker for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers 2013 Conference, a 6000+ member organization, on the topic of service dogs

  • Has won two national dog trainer awards

  • Has won multiple local dog trainer awards

  • Has authored multiple articles for professional dog training magazines

  • Has more than 10 years of professional training experience

  • Is a graduate of the only dog training degree program certified by the State of Washington

  • Held a CPDT-KA (certified pet dog trainer – knowledge assessed) granted by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers from 2011-2014

  • Is a recognized national expert witness for service dog legal cases

  • Has been a featured speaker at multiple American Diabetes Association Expos and Children’s Camps

  • Is a recognized expert for local news stations on the topic of both pet and service dog training

  • Has had multiple requests nationwide for her services and to speak on topics related to both pet and service dog training

  • Is certified by the American Red Cross in pet first aid

  • Is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator

  • Has inspired and mentored other dog trainers to learn how to train medical alert dogs

  • Is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator

  • Is a graduate of the University of Michigan

  • Has taught over 250 service dog and pet dog classes

In the picture to the right, Mary McNeight, CCS, BGS is presenting on Service Dog Program Basics and Law at the Association of Professional Dog Trainers 2013 Conference

In 2012, Mary won NATIONAL RECOGNITION for the 2nd year in a row by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and was awarded a $1500 scholarship to attend the APDT 2012 Educational conference for her entry in the Dr. Robert Curran NewTrix Video Contest on with her video on How to Teach the Service Dog “Quick Greet”!

Mary McNeight has attended the following educational conferences

  • APDT conferences in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

  • 2016 Avidog conference on puppy raising

  • 2010, 2012 and 2018 Clicker Expos

  • 2013 Penn Vet Conference

  • 2013 and 2014 SPARCS conference

  • The Fear Aggression and Play Workshop in Seattle with Patricia McConnell

  • Dr. Ian Dunbar seminar in May 2010 in Seattle

  • Diabetic Alert Dog Training classes in California in 2009

  • Classes with the top Narcotics Dog Detector for the Seattle Police Department in 2011

  • She is obviously committed to continuing her education and professional development by continuously attending seminars and dog training conferences nationwide.

Using only methods approved by the American Humane Association and positive reinforcement techniques, Mary is available for private training sessions as well as offering small group classes for both service and pet dog training in order to provide the best possible service that caters to your needs. Mary is also dedicated toward providing low-cost service dog training for people with disabilities ever since she had to become the resource she needed to train her own dog for service work. Currently, Mary is owned by her yellow lab who is a certified diabetic alert dog.

A certified dog trainer who has experienced life before a service dog, and life with a service dog, Mary McNeight is the best resource to help train your pet or service dog. She can be found teaching classes all around the United States, online and in her hometown of Waterloo, Illinois.

If you would like to have Mary McNeight personally speak at your upcoming conference, please use the following form.

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