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Multi-National, Award-Winning Medical Alert Dog Training

Over 300 Medical Alert Dogs Trained!


Service Dog Academy helps people find and train dogs for service work.  We have helped train over 300 medical alert dogs for the following disabilities – Diabetes (both Type 1 & 2), Narcolepsy, Seizures, POTS, Migraines, Cardiac Alert, Hypoglycemia, Dysautonomia, A-Fib, Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis HypoKPP, Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis HyperKPP, Incontinence and medical episodes caused by Craniocervical Instability and Chiari Malformation.  Our head trainer Mary McNeight, CCS, BGS is recognized as one of the top medical alert dog trainers in the country.  She has been featured as an expert by the 6000+ member dog trainer organization the Association of Professional Dog Trainers on the topic of service dogs, has been a featured speaker at the American Diabetes Association educational conferences and can frequently be seen as an expert talking on local and national news outlets on the topics of pet and service dog training.  Mary has won both national and local awards for her training, is a published author, a legal expert witness for court cases and because she has utilized a service dog since 2005 is acutely aware of all of the pitfalls and problems that can come from raising your own dog for service work.  Service Dog Academy can help you train your own dog.  All you need is time, patience, a dog with the right temperament and working with the right experienced trainer!


Your best chance at training your own dog comes from our own highly-screened, tempermentally sound, imprinted puppy litter.  Reserve your puppy today.


Take one of our in-person or online group classes through Zoom.  Schedule an appointment for more individualized help or use our online video classes.


In our internship you can learn how to become a professional pet or service dog trainer.  You will get the one-on-one attention with Mary that you need.


Service Dog Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing leaders in in the dog training community who want to make a difference globally.

  • International Focus – Our students come from across the globe including Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Canada

  • Multiple Avenues For Obtaining A Service Dog – you can use your own dog or purchase one of our imprinted puppies for less than the cost of most ER visits.

  • People Not Profits – Using a task trained service is a right not a privilege.  We have multiple ways to help your afford getting one of our dogs or train your own dog.

  • Testimonies Abound – We are not some fly by night service dog organization.  We have been training medical alert service dogs since 2009.  Our student testimonies surprise even us!

We can help you train your own dog through a combination of in person classes in your state, in person group classes online, one on one online training or through our online video training series.  We can help you no matter your location around the world!

Your Questions Answered – Medical Alert Dog Monday Videos

Answering your questions on our YouTube Channel Service Dog Academy about how to find a dog for service work, how to deal with the public and how to integrate a service dog into your lifestyle.


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  • Get a pdf that is guaranteed to save you hours of internet research on how to find and train your own medical alert dog.

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