Dont Obedience Train Your Service Dog Puppy Before Medical Alert Dog Classes

Missouri POTS Alert Trainer
Why can obedience classes cause your dog to be a less reliable alerter?

Anya from Oregon has our question of the week. Anya has question EVERYONE who trains their own POTS Alert Dog or Medical Alert Dog has, should you obedience train your dog prior to taking medical alert dog classes. This is an important question because the order in which you train can have a significant effect on whether your dog will easily learn medical alert dog training or struggle, become frustrated and/or fail in being able to learn the difficult concepts that are instrumental in training a medical alert dog. See what our answer is in this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday.

So what do you think my answer? Do you think its easier to train a highly obedience trained dog for medical alert or start off your dogs training with medical alert first and then work on its obedience? If so, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Great timing on this conversation about Med Alert vs. Obedience training first.
    I am picking up puppy 11/11/17. I would like to attempt to do both hand in hand. I have nothing but time so with your help I will lean more toward the medical alert training. Since I am getting puppy too late for the Nov. class in St. Louis, I will sign up for the April one. I have already viewed week one of the tapes so as soon as puppy gets here I will order week 2 and go from there.

  2. First I don’t like clowns, but it never dawned on me that my girl might react badly towards one. The only place I haven’t taken my girl is to the dentist. However when I come home she starts always telling me my numbers are high. So to be certain before I go back in the house I check my numbers. I had to do it this afternoon again and my numbers were fine. But until I take a shower she can’t stop going nuts. What can I do to calm her? Thank you for this little class. Since we fly a lot I haven’t worried about much of anyone scaring her. Because she is a cute little Schnauzer people think that it is just a ploy to get her to fly with in the plane. Thank you again for this bit of wisdom.

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