Types Of Service Dogs


Frank, a Diabetic Alert Dog In Training learning to recognize the low blood sugar scent.

The Service Dog Academy can help you train or provide you with a trained service dog for:


Marduk is the WORLD’S FIRST owner trained Narcolepsy Alert Dog!


Types of Dogs We Do Not Train For

  • Guide Dogs – they require a certain skill set that none of our trainers have.
  • As of 5/18/2012 we will no longer provide support for Psychiatric Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs nor Emotional Support Dogs so that we may concentrate on our medical alert program. If you would like support for these types of dogs please contact Heeling Allies in Seattle
  • As of 5/18/2012 we will no longer provide support for Mobility Aid Dogs as well as Hearing Alert Dogs so that we can concentrate on out Medical Alert Dog Program. To find a list of providers that may be able to help you with this task please see our Resources webpage.
  • Allergy alert dogs – training an alert dog requires thousands of repeated exposures of the dog to the allergen during the initial training process as well as continuous training for the rest of the dogs life with that allergen. This is counter productive for the person with the allergy and can cause the exact problem you are trying to prevent.
  • Autism – none of our staff members have children and have a hard time putting themselves into the shoes of an autistic child. You are of course welcome to enroll in our classes which will give you a great foundation for service work, its just that autism is not a condition we are 100% comfortable saying we are “experts” in. We do not know of any agency in the entire puget sound area that does this type of training.

* Because seizures are sporadic in nature and each seizure is biochemically unique to the individual it may take up to a year to reliably train a seizure alert dog.

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