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Why We Don’t Give Out Estimates Over The Phone Or Through Email

Please do not contact The Service Dog Academy asking how much it will cost to train your dog unless you are willing to make an appointment AT YOUR EXPENSE for a through temperament test, current training history evaluation and if you are requesting the service dog discount, proof of household financial status.

Otherwise, The Service Dog Academy bills on an hourly rate system.  The Service Dog Academy doesn’t give estimates over the phone or through email because there are too many factors to take into account how long it will take to train your dog.  Some of these factors include:

    • your individual ability to train a dog
    • your commitment level to training your dog
    • your dog’s age
    • your dog’s prior training history
    • your dog’s current temperament
    • if you qualify for the service dog discount

    Asking this ‘How much will it cost to train my dog” without a through evaluation by a qualified trainer is like asking “I have a kid, how long should he go to school?”  Step back and really think about how broad this question is.  From that question I only know two facts, that you have a male child and you want him to go to school.  From that single question I don’t even know if he is even born yet!  Factors that would help me answer this question are

      • how old the kid is
      • how often the kid will go to school
      • if the kid has developmental disabilities
      • if the kid has EVER gone to school
      • what does the kid want to be (educational requirements are different for lawyers than they are for cashiers at Walmart)
      • how supportive of him going to school are you
      • what are his teachers like
      • does the kid even like going to school, etc.

      Examples Of Cost Of Training

      These examples do not guarantee that your dog will train at this rate or take this much time to train.

      8 week old into Service Dog At 2 years old:

        • 3 group classes at $145 each = $405
        • 2 group medical alert dog classes at $1300 each = $3035
        • 10 hours of individual training at lowest Service Dog Rate of $100 an hour (rate not guaranteed for everyone, your rate will depend on your income level)= $1000
        • administration of CGC test and Service Dog Academy Certification Exam $50
        • Grand Total = $4085
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