Don’t Listen To The Advice Of Your Friends

//Don’t Listen To The Advice Of Your Friends


We will be teaching our medical alert dog class in Seattle April 5th-8th 2018 in Seattle. Registration must be completed by March 1st!

Should you ever trust the advice of your friends, family or coworkers when it comes to training a medical alert dog?

Marion from Memphis Tennessee has our question of the week.  Marion has migraines and has been told by friends and family that migraine alert dogs are born and not made (meaning that the dogs are born with the ability to alert and cannot be trained to alert) and that Yorkies make the best migraine alert dogs.  She wants to know if any of this information is true.  This question brings up a big issue I have wanted to address for years.  Should you ever trust the advice of your friends, family or coworkers when it comes to training a medical alert dog?  See what our advice is regarding this important issue you will be facing when it comes time to choose whether or not you will purchase or train your own medical alert dog.

So what do you think of our answer?  Have you ever taken the advice of someone about the training of a medical alert dog and regretted it?  If so, or not, comment below.


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  1. Allison M.J.Brooks March 16, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Mary – I Listen In on All of Your Medical Alert Mondays and I Am So Grateful for The Added Information & Education I Receive from You for FREE ! How Very Generous Of You – Thank You !
    You Mention Being on a You Tube List to Getting Further Information and Instruction from You which I would LOVE to be Privy to as well. My Question is … How and Where Do I Sign Up for These Additional You Tube INFO Classes ? Thanks So Much for Not Only Providing GREAT Educational Information but For ALWAYS Adding Something to SMILE About While Offering Your Wisdom All at NO Cost ! It Means More Than You Can Know Because Its More Than I Can Convey. Many, MANY THANKS From My Beautiful German Shepherd S.D. and I.

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