Patch posing after his first private in home training session.

We here at the Service Dog Academy have several ways for you to train your puppy, adult dog or service dog. We have designed our programs to be flexible enough for anyone to train their pet dog or service dog.

Dog Training The Quick And Easy Way!

Dog training doesn’t have to be time consuming, frustrating or expensive when you choose our Day Training option. Day training is a way for you to get the results you desire with as little effort on your part as possible.

In day training we, come to your house, park or preferred training location, take your dog off your hands for a couple of hours and train without you there. When you come home we show you what we’ve learned that day and pass the reins over to you.

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In Home / On Location Dog Training

We will send a certified trainer out to your preferred training location and show you how to stop unwanted behavioral problems and teach you the techniques we use to turn your dog into a perfect pooch.

We can address all issues in this type of training setting be it service dog task training, ways to make your dog less aggressive, reducing and eliminating anxiety or just plain old dog obedience.

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Group Dog Classes

Classes are a great way to train both pet dogs and service dogs. They are cost effective, help your dog learn to interact with other dogs in an appropriate and safe manner and help dogs to learn how to focus on you when in a high distraction environment.

A classroom environment is a great way to get generalized advice on matters that are not just obedience related. For example, in our puppy classes we provide basic potty training tips and techniques and advice on how to puppy proof your home.

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Online Training VIA Video Conferencing!

Online training is now available through the use of the video conferencing service Skype! This opens up our client base exponentially. Yes that’s right, with a click of your mouse and the right set up of your camera you can obedience and task train your dog one on one in your home with a certified trainer.

This type of training is only appropriate for obedience and task training and is not appropriate for anxiety or aggression issues.

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