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Student Angel and her mommy think the Service Dog Academy is a “Great Deal!”

Our training fee assures you that you get a:

  • highly qualified
  • state certified
  • educated
  • insured
  • professional dog trainer

Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a “dog trainer” or “behaviorist” but only a select few of us have college level dog training degrees certified by the State of Washington. If you want a cheap dog trainer go out and find one, we’ll be here waiting for you when your dogs problems have escalated and you now have to spend even more money fixing the problems the other “trainer” caused. If you want to do it right way the first time, call The Service Dog Academy. If we can train service dogs, imagine what we can do with your dog.

Private Dog Training and Behavior Consultation Rates:

  • $95 an hour (plus a travel fee if outside of the city of Seattle). As a bonus your first visit includes a free Kong like the one featured in our Kongsicle youtube video or Easy Walk Harness so that you can actually start walking your dog at your first appointment!

When you train with The Service Dog Academy, your training fee helps to support the low cost service dog training program.


Payment is due upon scheduling the appointment. The Service Dog Academy accepts Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Personal Checks and Cash. Schedule your appointment using the button below.


Schedule and Pay For Your Dog Training and Behavior Consult Here:

We are now fielding calls from all around the United States for our Service and Pet Dog Training program. If you are looking for advice regarding training of a pet dog or the selecting of a dog for your family you may purchase a training appointment by using this webpage. Appointments will not be scheduled until a purchase has been made.

Length of Appointment/Consult Fee Purchase Here
1 hour pet appointment With Mary McNeight At The Service Dog Academy Dog Training School $95

When you make your purchase, please make sure you enter a valid email address into google checkout as well as the phone number you want us to contact you at.

Please prepare a list of questions and use your time wisely. Refunds for consults will not be available. Please be aware, if you cancel your appointment with less than 72 hours advance notice you will forfeit your appointment fee.

Any additional time outside of the hour of your appointment will be billed at $95 an hour and you will be responsible for the remaining balance at the end of the appointment.

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