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Poppleton says “I love the free dog treats at the Service Dog Academy!”

If you would like assistance training your dog please fill out the form below to have someone contact you.

You don’t have to answer all the questions on this form. However, we would prefer it if you did so that we can get right down to business the minute we call you!

Request Help Questionnaire

Do You Consider The Issue You Are Contacting Us About Is An Emergency? By emergency we mean you are going to surrender the dog or euthanize it within the week.

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Has Your Dog Ever Bitten A Person Or Another Dog To The Point Of More Than A Minor Cut? If So, Explain

Does Your Dog React Negatively To Strange People Or Dogs? If So, Explain

Does Your Dog React Negatively To Objects/Loud Noises? If So, Explain

Does Your Dog Have Any Medical Issues? If So, Explain

How Much Exercise Is Your Dog Getting Each Week?

Can You Describe A Typical Day For Your Dog?

How Many Hours A Day Is Your Dog Typically Left Alone?

What Would You Like To Work On In Your Training Sessions? (required)

How many hours per WEEK are you willing to commit to exercising and training your dog (without the aid of a trainer by your side)? Please be realistic. (required)

If You Want To Work On A Behavioral Issue In Your Training Session, When Did It Start To Occur?

Is There Anything Else You Would Like Us To Know About The Dog That You Think Might Be Relevant To Its Training Issues?

What Is Your Idea Of The Perfect Dog?

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