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We can help you with Your Dogs Obedience and Manners

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A well trained and obedient dog is a joy to be around.  Dogs that have gone to obedience school are happier and suffer much less anxiety because they understand what is expected of them.

There are no bad dogs, just dogs with behavioral problems caused by the stress of punishment they don’t understand and conflicting and mixed signals from their owners.

A trained dog respects its handler and is safe and behaved around friends, family, children and strangers. Training your dog in obedience can be incredibly fun and can build a lifelong bond of love and friendship.

Dog Training Commands your dog can learn at the Service Dog Academy:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Roll Over
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Leave It
  • Take It
  • Off
  • Stop Barking
  • Stop Jumping
  • No Biting
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Turn Around
  • Back Up
  • Stand Up
  • Eye Contact
  • Focus and Control

Read more about our group puppy and adult dog basic obedience and advanced and manners classes and our other dog training options.


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A dog that bites and chews can become a serious liability.  Lets us help you train your dog not to bite people or other dogs.  Additionally we can help redirect chewing behavior to more appropriate items such as chew toys and rawhide rather than your shoes and furniture.

Schedule an individual dog training appointment today let us help you solve this very easy to address issue!

Puppy and Adult Dog Potty Training & House Breaking

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When you dog potties inside your home, it can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Housebreaking a puppy is more effective when you teach it with proper potting training methods.  Let us help you start your puppy off on the right foot.

Or perhaps, your older dog has forgotten where the potty is supposed to be. Let us help you retrain and regain his natural potting tendencies. (Before re-potty training an adult dog, a thorough examination by your vet is required to rule out medical causes).

Schedule an individual dog training appointment today let us help you solve this very expensive and embarrassing issue!

Owner Irrelevance – Dog Has No Focus Or Control In Real World Environments

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  • Does your dog come to you when called?
  • Will your dog look you in the eyes?
  • Does your dog ignore you or become easily distracted when other dogs or food is around?
  • Do you take your dog for a walk or does your dog walk you?

We can help you be the central figure in your dog’s life and even look to you for permission before acting. Dogs may be leaders in the wild but in family and community settings, they must respect the hierarchy and their lack of dominance.

Schedule an individual dog training appointment today let us help you solve your dogs focus and control issues!

Separation Anxiety

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  • Does your dog go crazy while you are gone?
  • Do you come home to a dog that has eaten your doors and used your carpet as a toilet when you know they could have held it?
  • Do your neighbors complain about barking, whining and crying while you are away?
  • Does your dog shadow you around the house and refuse to eat unless in your presence?

If so, your dog may have separation anxiety. You can help your dog with separation anxiety training that combines therapy and, if necessary pharmaceutical/ homeopathic drugs to reduce your pet’s fear and anxiety over you leaving.

Clinical Separation Anxiety is a very scary condition for both human and dog. The quicker you deal with it the better for the entire household. Schedule an individual dog training appointment today let us help you and your dog to feel better!

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