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Your Dogs Second Step – Seattle Advanced Obedience – Translating Manners and Obedience Into Real Life Situations

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So your dog is great in the dog training studio but fails around the house or outside. Why could that be? Let our second level obedience class teach you the tips and tricks on how to get your dog to focus on you no matter what the distraction level.

Your Dog’s Second Step Second Level Obedience & Manners Training Class Will Focus On:

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  • basic dog obedience in an ever increasing distracting environment
  • loose leash walking around other dogs
  • impulse control – stay next to other dogs, real life leave its (ex: a picnic)
  • dog-dog greetings – preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Test
  • party tricks that reinforce obedience commands

Our Second Level Obedience Seattle Dog Training Class details are as follows:

  • for dogs over 17 weeks of age
  • open enrollment class – start at anytime
  • meets once a week for three weeks in a row
  • meet for 1 hour per week of instructional time
  • meet at our new dog training studio in beautiful West Seattle!
  • will have no more than 6 students (and dogs) per session to ensure more individualized instruction
  • all dog training to be done using only methods approved by the AHA
  • by enrolling in classes you are agreeing to our class terms and conditions
Class Day Start Date Class Dates Class Time Spots Left Register Here
Thursday 3/7/13 3/7/13 – 3/21/13 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Thursday 3/14/13 3/14/13 – 4/4/13 (skip 2/28) 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

* We will be closed April 7th-April 22nd so that we may teach our 4 Day Intensive Diabetic Alert Dog Class in St. Louis Missouri.

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This class is not intended for service dog or therapy dog certification by the Service Dog Academy. This class is mostly for pet dogs but is a perfect intro into the training methods we use for service and therapy dogs.
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