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What are our students saying about us?

“The training is so natural, the dog just does it!”

– Service Dog Academy Class Client

You can see our completely independent 5 STAR feedback on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp and City Voter!

In all feedback surveys:

  • 100% of clients would recommend us to a friend.
  • 100% saw an improvement in their dogs behavior.
  • 100% of feedback was positive.
  • 91% stated that they were “Very Satisfied” with the services they received with the other 9% being “Satisfied”.
  • And last but not least 75% of clients stated their dogs improvement level was “Amazing” with the other 25% being “Great”

Sara – Sammamish – Guide Dog
“Mary was a godsend and exceeded our expectations in every possible way. The way that Mary truly cares for the animals and her abilities in the areas of feeding, training, and knowledge of ADA guidelines is sublime. I can’t imagine a single way that her service could be any more wonderful.”

Hope – West Seattle
Thank you Mary. I want to encourage anyone who faces the fear factor to take classes with Mary. You may start out taking them for your dog and soon find you are taking them because they are an experience you don’t want to deny yourself either. I was afraid my dog and I would be the slow learners in the class. But whenever this happened Mary used humor and so much encouragement we were both advancing faster than I dreamed possible. It doesn’t take an enormous time commitment and increases the loving bond between your dog and yourself. No domination techniques are used ever, which would frighten many rescue dogs. The easy thing after one class is over and the next level looms large is to again say, “My dog isn’t up to it.” I felt that way and realized it was fear and that I’d slacked and wasn’t working as faithfully for just those few minutes with him daily that had made such a difference. When I realized what had happened, I noticed my beloved dog was also not as happy as he had been when in class either. He loves the attention and working for the treats. It’s a recipricol relationship that I now see as part of having a dog, whether a pet or a service dog. It is a responsibility. My dog gives me unconditional love, which is hard to find these days. Giving him these classes with Mary on an ongoing basis is the very least I can do for us both. It is an investment that begins paying off the minute you pad into the room and get a whiff of all the other joy on the other end of someone else’s leash. As a disabled one-legged woman this makes up for the many times I am unable to walk my dog very far and can often turn into play time, the simple delights that cost nothing and etch memories that last forever. Wow. Thanks again Mary.

Justina – Seattle
“The methods used in class have been very helpful in helping him grow with good habits. EVERYONE comments on how well behaved and sweet he is. THANK YOU!!!”

Donna – Seattle
“Mary is a delightful and highly skilled professional who quickly achieved results with my dog (and me!). I would recommend her without hesitation to everyone!!”

Carol – Seattle
“What a great experience! Mary is so knowlegable, patient and generous with her expertise. If you need some help with your puppy or dog, please sign up for this class!”

Justina – Seattle
“The methods used in class have been very helpful in helping my puppy grow with GOOD habits. EVERYONE comments how well behaved and sweet he is. Thank you!”

Class Client – West Seattle
“You could charge way more money for this class. It’s very inexpensive for what we get. HIGH VALUE!”


Argus, a 12 week old service dog in training in his brand new service dog vest.

Class Client – West Seattle
“Mary is enthusiastic and has genuine care and concern for our pets.”

Class Client – West Seattle
“Mary is friendly, funny, very knowledgeable and easy to understand. She is very in tune with dogs and their owners.”

Jackie – Bothell – Diabetes
“Mary is patient and loving with her aproach towards animals. She is open to questions and encourages you to ask them.”

Paula – Issaquah – Parkinson’s
“She put training into terms that I can understand. Very patient.”

Class Feedback On The West Seattle Blog
“I agree with Carol! I’m just wrapping up a session with SDA at Delridge. Perfect class size, super knowledgeable trainers, and some much better behaved doggies! Worth every penny…”
“I highly recommend the Service Dog Academy, I have (2) graduates that are now well behaved. So the SDA trained me well -uhmmm I guess like most good dog training classes, its all about training us to work with our dogs :-)”

Dawn – Monroe – Mobility
“Explained what to do and why. Was patient, listened and was willing to try different things.”

Rebecca – Seattle
“I really liked the methodological approach, her not blaming the owner, printed homework and the supplies for sale!”

Tamarie – Seattle
“Loved the family like feeling! Great people. We enjoyed the socialization aspect of the class for both me and Titan. Thank you for giving Titan so much love and help.”

Daryl – Seattle
“Galoot was in her first class!? She should get a medal!”

Nadine – Seattle
“Knowledgeable, approachable and very understanding. Dogs really take to her and instantly trust her… thats invaluable.”

Michael – Bothell
“This was great for us as I knew I needed to train Harry in a more difficult environment.”

Gillian – Bothell
“Knowledge of material and able to modify exercises if the dog isnt perfect.”

Rob – Seattle
“Mary was positive and focused on long term solutions to problems.”

Haley – Seattle
“We had fun! Mary made concepts easy to learn and the staff was easy to talk to.”

Gwyn – Seattle
“Patient. Will find another alternative if one method is not working.”

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