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If you would like to request Mary McNeight to speak at your medical conference, support group or media event please email us at info@servicedogacademy.com

Mary McNeight speaking to full crowd at the 2011 Diabetes Expo in Seattle

Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, Director of Training and Behavior has been working to develop the Service Dog Academy‘s groundbreaking train-your-own diabetic alert dog program since 2008. Using positive reinforcement training, the program has helped more than 25 pet dogs become reliable diabetic alert, seizure, migraine, and narcolepsy alert dogs. As a certified professional dog trainer from the greater Seattle area, she spent more than 1500 hours puppy training, adult dog training, alert and service dog training combined!

Using her extensive knowledge of scent training and positive reinforcement training from both her state-certified dog training degree and hours of working with dogs of all types has had the opportunity to help educate the public through well-received speaking opportunities, standing room only presentations, and demonstrations with the help of her diabetic alert dog, Liame. The ability to present to groups representative of the diabetic community and interested parties is part of her dedication toward improving the lives of people with type 1 diabetes, type 2, and hypoglycemia through a reliably trained diabetic alert dog.

Mary McNeight speaking to a captivated crowd at the Japanese American Citizens League – Living Well With Diabetes Expo

“Diabetic Alert Dogs: Myth vs. Reality”
Japanese American Citizens League – Living Well With Diabetes Expo, Seattle, WA – July 2012

    “Thank you for your presentation today. We now know that Diabetic Alert Dogs are a reality and provide an important service.”
    – Elaine, Nikkei Concerns

“Diabetic Alert Dogs: Myth vs. Reality”
Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA – April 2012

    “Thank you again for your excellent presentation today. It was fun to hear about and the nurses really enjoyed stretching their minds to think about how diabetic alert dogs might benefit their patients.”
    – Dawn Corl, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Diabetic Alert Dogs: Myth vs. Reality”
American Diabetes Association Expo, Seattle, WA – April 2012

    “She had great basic info for anyone looking to get started with a DAD. It was informative and factual and provided enough info to make an informed decision about whether to pursue a DAD.”

“Diabetic Alert Dog Fundamentals”
Online Webinar, Seattle, WA – November 2011

    “I viewed your webinar and followed up by viewing your online university and was literally brought to tears! Thank you finally for understanding the importance of D.A.D. dogs and sharing your experience with others, to help us train our own animals with your techniques.”

Turning Fido from Family Pet to Diabetes Detecting Device
American Diabetes Association Expo, Seattle, WA – April 2011

“Turning Fido from Family Pet to Diabetes Detecting Device”
ADA Family Retreat, Camp Berachah, Auburn, WA -June 2011

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