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Mary McNeight, Association of Professional Dog Trainers National Award Recipient 2 years in a row with World Renowned Dog Trainers Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stilwell.

Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, BGS, CCS,
Director of Training and Behavior, Service Dog Academy, Seattle WA

Mary has attended the following conferences and workshops:

SPARCS (Society For The Promotion Of Applied Research In Canine Science) 2013 Conference: Origins In The Wild

Brain & Behavioral Development, Socialization & Superdogs Taught by Michael W. Fox

  • How the Superdog program developed by the military can create physically and mentally superior dogs.

Dog Health: Biologically Appropriate Nutrition, Genetics and Integrated Care Taught by Michael W. Fox

  • Improving dogs (both physically and mentally) through nutrition.

Kathryn Lord

  • Comparing developmental periods of wolves and domestic dogs in the first 20 weeks of life.

A Dogs Point Of View Taught by Alexandra Horowitz

  • The latest research in how dogs experience the world.


2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference: The Art & Science of Training: Dog & Handler

Behavior Analysis: The Science Behind the Training Taught by Bob Bailey

  • Treating dog training like a technology rather than a craft. Using scientific principles and techniques to improve training.

“Teaching Focused Scenting” Methods: Auto-Shaping and the Detection Dog Taught by Randy Hare

  • How to use a dogs natural instincts to take the human element out of scent training.

Highlights From The Field Taught by Gayle Watkins

  • How neonatal exposure to scent can double a dogs ability to succeed in scent work.

Allergen Detection Service Dogs: Practical Uses and Training Taught by Ciara Gavin

  • Teaching the target odor and how to search for it in the environment.


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APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show 2012:

    The Transactional Approach Taught by Steve White

    • Dogs dont live and train in a scientific laboratory. Lets give our students real life solutions to their dogs problems.

    Skinner and World Collide–Film at 11:00 Taught by Steve White

    • Dogs dont live and train in a scientific laboratory. Lets give our students real life solutions to their dogs problems.

    An In-Depth Look at Off-Leash Interactions between Unfamiliar Dogs Taught by Sue Sternberg

    • What are appropriate behaviors for dog dog play.

    An Ethogram for Resource Guarding Taught by Sue Sternberg

    • How to assess and prevent both human and dog dog resource guarding.


    Clicker Expo 2012

      Oops!Taught by Ken Ramirez

      • What to Do When Mistakes Happen

      The Strongest Link Taught by Cecilie Køste

      • Back-chaining & Reliable Performance Lecture and Lab

      1+1=3 Taught by Ken Ramirez

      • Adduction & Combining Cues

      The Right Touch Taught by Michele Pouliot

      • How Collar & Body Cues Speed Your Training Lecture And Lab

      Smart Reinforcement Taught by Ken Ramirez

      • How To Reinforce Your Animals

      Hold It , Get it, Bring It, Give It! Taught by Michele Pouliot

      • The Multi-Purpose Clicked Retrieve Lecture And Lab


    Solid Scentwork

      Solid Scentwork – 2011 Taught by Steve & Jen White

      • Foundational training techniques for police and narcotics scent detection dogs utilizing strict positive reinforcement methodology only


    APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show 2011:

      2,4,6,8 How Do We Approximate? Taught by Grey Stafford

      • Using creativity and enthusiasm in positive reinforcement training to help you have a better dog

      Do You See What I See? Taught by Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB

      • Consequences and delivery – improving your dogs training with proper timing

      Low Stress Handling and Restraint of Difficult Dogs Taught by Sophia Yin, PhD, DVM, MS

      • Handling aggressive or fearful dogs calmly and non-confrontationally

      What a Pithy Taught by Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB

      • How to make teaching students dog training concepts fun for both them and you

      From Clumsy to Competent: Teaching Mechanical Skills Taught by Hannah Branigan, MS, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

      • We learned how to make you a more effective dog trainer


    APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show 2010:

      K9 Nose Work Taught by Amy Herot, CPDT-KA, CMWI and Jill Marie O’Brien

      • Explored ways to encourage and develop a dog’s scenting abilities

      What’s the Name of the Game? Using Games in the Classroom to Build Reliable Behaviors, Increase Owner Participation and Create Big Fun Taught by laruren Fox, BA, CPDT-KA

      • Explored the benefits of including games in classes so that our classes are so fun, you never want to go home!

      Canine Cross Training Classes: Beyond Sit, Down, Stay and Come Taught by Leslie Nelson

      • Cross training builds attention, self control, mental stamina and confidence, skills needed for your dog to become the most reliable pet dog in town!

      Training Dogs with Fun and Games Taught by Sue Pearson, CPDT-KA and Judy Warth

      • Again, we want our students to have fun in classes. Teaching games ensure that you learn things and that we can easily teach them to you.

      Advanced Lure/Reward Training: Off-Leash Verbal Control without the Continued Use of Food. Taught by Ian Dunbar PhD, MRCVS

      • Learning the quickest way to gain off-leash control with lure-reward training, and phasing out food reward.

      Puppy & Other Test: What Well Designed Tests Can and Do Reveal Taught by Suzanne Clothier

      • Learned appropriate testing in the selection and placement of puppies and dogs in suitable homes and work environments

      Polish Up Your Training Chops! Taught by Suzanne Clothier, Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA, and Nancy Williams, MA, RVT, ACAAB

      • Worked with dogs under the guidance of three skilled instructors.
      • Sharpened observation and handling skills, fine-tuning timing and training choices

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    Clicker Expo 2010

      Challenging Adolescents Taught by Trish King

      • Adolescent dogs can be a pain the the rear, lets us show you what we learned to fix this problem!

      Training the Behaviors Students Want Most: Calmness, Relaxation, and Self Control Taught by Gail Fisher

      • Seriously who doesnt want a calm dog?

    Fear, Aggression, and Play wekend in Seattle with Patricia McConnell and Grisha Stewart – 2010

      One day seminar that focused on dog-dog aggression and fearful dogs

      • The most common context of problems with dogs, over-reaction to unfamiliar dogs by barking, lunging or biting.
      • Methods of treating the behavior using classical conditioning and several forms of operant conditioning.

      Play! Play! Play!

      • Learning how play can improve your relationship with your dog, improve the dog’s responsiveness and give the dog the mental and physical exercise he needs.
      • Learning up-to-date research on how to tell your dog you want to play, and how not to play with your dog
      • Charming tricks and games to play

    Dr. Ian Dunbar Seminar May 2010

      Games for teaching reliability, precision and Pizzazz

      • Designed to fine-tune essential ingredients of a dog’s training repertoire
      • Learning tricks and playing games that rapidly accelerate the speed of learning
      • Motivating dogs to give their best performances and keep owners motivated to practice training

    APDT Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show 2009:

      Symposium of Fear and Anxiety Behaviors Taught by Nicole Wilde and Alternative Medicine for Fear and Anxiety Taught by Dr. Doug Kneuven

      • We want to make sure you have the most up to date methods for helping your dog conquer his fear and anxiety.

      Fear and Loathing in Separation Fun Taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar

      Pet Dog Training – the Absolute Basics Taught by Kathy Sdao

      Scentsational Taught by Steve White

      • We cant get enough scent training classes!

      Training a Thinking Dog: The Advantages of Marker Training Taught by Gail Fisher

      • We think its critically important that our service dogs learn to think independently.

    Diabetic Alert Dog Training – 2009

    Fall 2009 Medical Alert Dog Workshop Taught by Rita Martinez

    • Topics included Scent imprinting, Scent discrimination, Alert chain, Alert refinement

Assistance Dogs – Exploring Temperament & Structure – 2008

    Topics included How to Choose A Service Dog Candidate and How to keep your service dog healthy.
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