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Training A Diabetic Alert Dog For College and University – When Do You Start To Train Diabetes Alerts – Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky

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We drove Brayden out to College, along with his buddy Bella, driving away and leaving him there is hard enough as a parent, never mind that he is a diabetic. Without Bella we would have gone crazy with worry, she is the only thing positive for Brayden that has come out of the word diabeties. The Diabetic Alert Dog Training classes were the best investment we ever made They gave my sons story not a happy ending but a happy new beginning, a future You can’t put a price on that, it’s Priceless!

Robin from Indianapolis Indiana has a 17 year old Type 1 Diabetic child. She, like most mothers of children with diabetes, is worried about diabetes management in college. Like the vast majority of families with diabetics, Robin cannot afford to purchase an already trained diabetic alert dog for her son. Robin and her son will be training their own diabetic alert dog and want to know when is it the right time to start training a Diabetic Alert Dog for use in college.

I have actually helped to get several students off to college with a trained diabetic alert dog. The photo above is of Brayden and Bella, one of my Canadian students who came to one of my diabetic alert dog classes during his Senior year in high school. I have also helped several college students train a dog to alert to their diabetes while they were still in college. See what this weeks Medical Alert Dog Mondays Youtube Video’s answer is. Will I recommend you star training freshman year, during the summer or the week you start college?

One Dog Alerting To Multiple Medical Conditions – Diabetes, Seizures, Narcolepsy, Migraines, Asthma

ODMMA – One Dog, Multiple Medical Alerts – Is It Possible?

Solstice from Bellingham Washington is a type one diabetic. She is getting a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder in a few weeks. Solstice not only wants to train her pup for diabetes but wants to train her dog to alert to her migraines. However, Solstice isnt sure its even possible for one dog to perform alerts for more than one medical condition. What do you think? Is it possible for one dog to perform medical alerts for more that one disability?

Watch the video below to see if your dog can be trained to alert to more than one medical condition.

If you would like to work with the most experienced migraine alert dog trainer in the country, you can enroll in one of our medical alert dog classes, or schedule individualized SKYPE appointments from the comfort of your own home all across the world.

We cant wait to help you prevent your migraines from destroying your quality of life with the use of a task trained migraine alert dog!

Migraine Alert Dog Training – How Long Does It Take To Train Your Own At Home

Migraine Alert Puppy Trainer – How Long Will It Take To Train An Alert In My Home

Ashley from Ohio has severe chronic migraines that causes headaches, light sensitivity, nausea, vertigo and vomiting. She is interested in getting a migraine alert dog but still has some questions about them. Her question has to do with how long it actually takes to train a migraine alert dog, whether that be an already trained one or one you train yourself at home.

What Ashley may not know is that as of today, Service Dog Academy has trained more migraine alert dogs than anyone else in the entire United States. And with that experience, has come a complete change in the way migraine alert dogs are trained. 4 years ago, it could take up to 1-2 years to train a migraine alert dog because the dog had to naturally learn what you smelled like prior to having your migraine. Now, Mary McNeight has developed a proprietary training methodology that has taken what was a one to two year waiting period for the dog to learn what you smell like prior to a migraine into a several week to several month training miracle. The technique we now use has been proven so effective that we have dogs as young as 3 months old, with less than 3 weeks of training already alerting to oncoming migraine attacks! This has NEVER been accomplished in the history of migraine alert dog training.

Watch the video below to see our answer to Ashley’s question and this weeks socialization item (hint, its something your probably using on a daily basis with your new puppy!).

If you would like to work with the most experienced migraine alert dog trainer in the country, you can enroll in one of our medical alert dog classes, or schedule individualized SKYPE appointments from the comfort of your own home all across the world.

We cant wait to help you prevent your migraines from destroying your quality of life with the use of a task trained migraine alert dog!

Diabetes Alert Puppies In Training – Even In Their Service Dog Vests, Do They Have Public Access Rights

Diabetic Alert Puppy In Training – Service Dog Vests, Do They Provide Public Access Rights In Your Community

Joanna from Telluride Colorado has our Medical Alert Dog Monday Question of the Week. In Joanna’s email she asks: “Hi. We are loving your program and our dog is responding really well. Myself (41) and my daughter (11) are both type 1 diabetics. What are the rules about a service dog vest on our puppy in training so she can begin to be socialized in markets and restaurants etc?”

Student Testimonial: “She has actually alerted my husband several times, including waking him from a sleep due to a high.” Peggy B, Diabetic Alert Dog University Student on just Week 4s online video!

Good question Joanna! This is a question asked of me by EVERYONE who wants to train their own dogs for service work. Its hard to raise and train your own puppy for medical alert work. Most people dont know this but the hardest part of training your own diabetic alert dog is actually not the diabetes alert portion of the training, its actually all of the public access skills your dog needs to have in order to behave like a service dog. This requires exposing your puppy to thousands of people, places and things it could potentially encounter in its entire career in the first five months of the dogs life. Its why we desperately need public access rights for all dogs and puppies training for service work, no matter their obedience or skill level.

Lets watch the Youtube video below where I give Joanna advice on how she can go about socializing her puppy.

So, now that you know the truth about diabetic alert service puppies in training and their socialization and public access rights, what do you think about the state of the current laws? If you were in charge, what would you do differently?

If you would like to purchase a vest for your service dog or service dog in training, please use our partner Their vests are Made in America and are of exceptional quality.

Do you have more questions about training your own medical alert dog? If so, you can book a SKYPE appointment and have me speaking to you and answering your questions within 24 hours by booking one of our SKYPE appointments.

Small Dogs As Medical Alert Service Dogs – Are They The Best Choice For Training Your Own Diabetic Alert Dog At Home

Small Dogs, Are They The Best Choice For Training Your Own Diabetes Service Dog At Home?

Marianne from the Bridge of the USS Enterprise D wants to know about getting a dog that is less than 40 lbs as her service dog. Small service dogs for diabetes, seizure, narcolepsy and migraine alert work certainly do have their benefits. Over the life of the dog, they tend to cost less to own just due to their reduced daily food intake, cost less in terms of medical care like x-rays, shots, and anesthesia and travel oh so conveniently. Have you ever tried to place a 80lb labardor retriever in your seats footspace of a 747 passenger airplane? I have and its almost impossible and if it is, its not pretty. But given that they have some significant benefits there are some drawbacks to the utilization of smaller dogs for service work.

In this weeks Medical Alert Dog Monday Youtube video, I tell you what my opinion is about using small dogs for medical alert work.

So after watching the video, whats your opinion on small dogs being utilized as diabetic alert dogs? Leave a comment below and please share this video with a friend.

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Hemiplegic Migraine Alert Dog Training – Alerts, Medication Reminder, Preventing Pain, Nausea and Paralysis

Traditional Migraines and Hemiplegic Migraine Alert Dogs – Preventing Symptoms With Advanced Warning Of Impending Paralysis and Pain

Gabby from Kansas City Missouri has our Medical Alert Dog Monday Question of the Week. In Gabby’s email she asks: “Hi my name is Gabby and my mom has had migraines for the past 2 years. How would she benefit from having a service dog?”

Student Testimonial: “If you have not considered a Service Dog because you don’t think it’s possible, think again! Koira started training at 8 weeks old. She was alerting (my son) before she was even potty trained. This program works.”

Good question Gabby! Migraine alert dogs are nothing new to my service dog training program. I actually started training them in 2011 based on my own personal experience with the nasty, life altering consequences of living a life never knowing when your would get struck down by immense stabbing head pain, nausea, vomiting and noise and light sensitivity. Since that first dog in 2011, I have helped personally train 10 migraine alert dog for people with run of the mill ordinary migraines to those with chronic migraines and hemiplegic migraines.

Lets watch the Youtube video below where we can find out the immense benefits of having a dog that is trained to alert you BEFORE a migraine has the opportunity to ruin your day.

So, do you think a migraine alert dog could help you? If so, contact us about our medical alert dog training classes and videos!

Certified Service Dog – Is It A Scam – Diabetic and Seizure Alert Puppy Trainer – Oregon

This weeks socialization item is stuffed animals like those you would see at your local Natural History Museum.

Seizure Alert Dog Training Certification – Oregon and Washington State

Amanda from Medford Oregon wants to know how she should go about getting her dog who is training for seizure alert work (a dog who should be able to dial 911 on a dog phone, go get help during a seizure, alert to oncoming episodes and bring abortive medications in an emergency) certified as a certified service dog and how much it will cost. Watch this Medical Alert Dog Monday video to get my answer on how much she should be paying for certification.

So what’s your opinion? Do you think dogs should have to complete some sort of temperament and obedience test before being able to access the public as a service dog? If so, post this video on your Facebook page and leave a comment with your opinion.

Night Alerting Training Tips For Diabetic Hypoglycemia Alert Dog

Night Alerting For Diabetic Alert Dogs – The Holy Grail Of Diabetes Alert Puppy Training

I get it, night time can be especially scary for diabetics. That is why almost 98% of the people who contact me for diabetic or medical alert dog training ask about how they can get their dogs to alert them if their blood sugars drop too low at night. In this Medical Alert Dog Monday video, I give a person from the east coast a tip on how she can help her dog be able to alert at night. And yes, the answer is related to the photo of me day dreaming about a Sleep Number Bed to help me with back pain at night.

Additionally this video has our first live socialization item, my Kitty cat named Lilly. Its important for you to get your puppies around cats when they are small so that the cat can easily tell the dog off if they are bothering them. Dont wait until the dog is bigger than the cat or else!

If you are interested in purchasing the dog bed featured in the video, you can do so on Every bed you purchase through our Amazon link automatically donates a certain percentage of your purchase to our diabetic alert dog training program. The last time we used our credits we purchased ink for our printer to print the diplomas for our classes.

Midwest Diabetic Alert Dog Training Advice – How Young Is Too Young?

At least three times a week I get emails from potential students looking to train their own medical alert dogs. Most of them either ask how old the dog has to be to start medical alert dog training or assume that their dog is too young to start medical alert dog training. In the video, Lavoyce from Kansas wants to know how old the dog has to be to start his training. In this YouTube Medical Alert Dog Monday video you will learn how neuroplasticity, cognitive pathways and critical socialization windows play a significant role in how soon you should start your dogs medical alert dog training. Hint: its probably alot earlier than you think!

With Christmas coming up right around the corner, its possible there might be a puppy landing under your tree on Christmas day. If so, be prepared for their arrival by purchasing the Service Puppy 101 – Survival Supplies Package on our store. On the list hand crafted by Mary McNeight specifically for you, you will find everything from the types of crates to buy, toys that can reduce puppy chewing, the best types of treats to use and even books on positive reinforcement puppy training.

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Diabetic Alert Dog Training Advice – Should I Get A Male Or Female Puppy

Battle of the Sexes: Male or Female Puppy For Diabetic Alert?

One of the more frequent questions I get from people who want to train their own diabetic alert dog or people who want to purchase a diabetic alert dog is if a male or a female puppy would be a better choice for their specific needs.

This is a controversial question in the service dog training community. You will find trainers who prefer males over females and some that prefer females over males. You will find that some people say you should have a dog that is the opposite sex you are and then others that say that your dog should be the same sex as you.

Im hoping I can clear up this controversial issue in our first Medical Alert Dog Monday Question from Chip in Washington state. He is a diabetic who is going be be getting a goldendoodle puppy. Some people are suggesting he get a female. But knowing how much experience I have having helped over 100 people train their own medical alert dog, he wants to get my opinion.

What do you think my answer to this question is going to be? Watch the video below to find out.

Do you agree with my conclusions? If yes or no, please leave your comments on our YouTube page for this video.

If you would like to know more about the classes featured in the video, visit the diabetic alert dog training classes webpage.

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